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“These innovations will make us a cross between Pinterest and Trip Advisor for beauty.”

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Beauty Stat™ was founded by Ron Robinson, a cosmetic chemist and research executive who has developed products for Clinique, Estee Lauder, Revlon, Avon and Lancome. Ron has been featured in Womens Wear Daily, Self Magazine, Womens Health Magazine, Los Angeles Times and CBS News. He is also a resident beauty expert for Allure Magazine.

BeautyStat.com is an online beauty community that connects beauty consumers to their peers, beauty experts and personalized product recommendations. BeautyStat enables consumers to make better beauty purchase decisions and provides brands with a complete marketing solution including licensing services, marketing services, market research and e-commerce.

They currently have 2 patent pending technologies launching that will revolutionize how women shop for beauty online. These innovations will make us a cross between Pinterest and Trip Advisor for beauty by giving users personalized, expert product information and by allowing them to post their favorite beauty looks so they can share them with their friends and colleagues.

Ron Robinson, Beauty Stat™ - Founder & CEO

MO: Where did your interest in the beauty industry come from?

Ron: I totally fell into the business. After dropping out of medical school, all I had was a degree in chemistry and biology. That was enough to land my start in the business as a cosmetic chemist formulating beauty products for the brand Clinique. I immediately fell in the love with the mix of science and creativity.

MO: There are a lot of beauty and product review sites already out there. What makes BeautyStat.com stand out?

Ron: Yes, there are a lot of beauty sites out there. We see this as a good thing because it shows the growth of this vertical. In fact many of these beauty sites have become part of our network. We differ from these sites because we are made up of a team of cosmetic chemists and industry insiders that understand the science involved in creating beauty products and use we use that knowledge to help consumers cut through the clutter to find the best ones for their unique beauty concerns.

MO: How have you managed to become profitable in such a short period of time?

Ron: Having worked on the brand side, we understood that we were answering a big consumer and brand need. Once we were able to grow our community, the brands came to us looking for our help to connect them to highly engaged beauty consumers.

MO: Since your background is predominantly in chemistry and the cosmetic industry, how hard was it set up a website and create an online community?

Ron: Great question. That was my biggest hurdle. I needed to find the right technology partners that could bring my vision to life online.

MO: Can you tell us 3 beauty trends that you’re excited about?

Ron: I’m excited about the new at-home hair treatments that work to help fight frizz. I’m also excited about the skincare treatments that deliver results for evening out skin tone. But I’m most excited about the new wave of beauty vitamin supplements that work to help make hair grow thicker as well as help to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.

MO: If you received a generous gift certificate to Sephora what would be the first three items you would purchase?

Ron: I would run to the fragrance section to stock up on some of the new Spring scents that have just launched. And then head over to the skincare section to buy one of the motorized facial cleansing devices and then pick up one of the new teeth whitening systems.

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