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I believe that in the ever-changing world of online business, you can never sit idle. It’s a survival of the fittest and you need to keep improving.

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Sandip Singh in the founder and CEO of crowdfunding website Go Get Funding. He holds a Masters degree in Investment Management and is also a martial arts instructor.

Go Get Funding is a crowdfunding site that lets you raise money for anything that matters to you. From funding that aeronautical degree that has been just out of your reach, to conquering Everest or crowdfunding your creative idea – Go Get Funding gives you total fundraising freedom.

Our site differs from other crowdfunding sites through our flexibility, low fees, keep-it-all fundraising method and cool social tweaks such as the progress bar each fundraiser gets.

MO: How does Go Get Funding work? What are some of your favorite features of the site?

Sandip: If you need to raise money, you simply come onto the site and click the big green ‘Launch Your Fundraiser’ button. You’ll then be taken through the project listing process.

If you want to donate money you can browse through our categories that cover everything from music & film to medical & healing.

My favorite features are on the project page. Fundraisers get a progress tab which tracks visitors, donations and even social media shares. They also get a separate tab to manage all other activity on their page. It’s a total fundraising solution.

MO: Can you share a Go Get Funding success story that you find meaningful or inspiring?

Sandip: The great thing about Go Get Funding is that there is an abundance of meaningful and inspiring fundraisers.

A recent fundraiser that we were really happy to host was one which raised money for lovely young lady called Carmen. Despite being a paraplegic since birth, she’s achieved great success in all aspects of her life not letting anything hold her back.

Unfortunately, just before Carmen’s 5th spine surgery, her car (fondly named ‘Calypso’) broke down for the final time. Her handicapped accessible vehicle was the key for her to get around and without it she couldn’t be her usual, independent self.

Her friends and family rallied together and set up a fundraiser on our site. Within just weeks she had received $6,654 in donations – smashing her goal of $5,000. A month later, she was able to buy the van of her dreams and regain independence.

Being a part of fundraisers like that is special.

MO: What are some tips for people looking to raise money through crowdfunding?

Sandip: Here are my two essential tips:

1) Create a heartfelt video. It massively increases the chances that someone will donate and share your fundraiser.

2) Promote your fundraiser to your existing network of friends, family and personal contacts. That’s the only way to gain credibility and increase the likelihood that a stranger will donate.

MO: Have you had any mentors during the course of your career? Anyone that inspires you?

Sandip: I’m inspired by Internet entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal. He’s a young entrepreneur that has achieved so much. Furthermore, he continues to create new and exciting companies that push the boundaries. Read his book guys, it’s awesome!

MO: Can you talk about how you’re a big believer in seeking continual improvement and how that will impact the direction of Go Get Funding?

Sandip: Go Get Funding is a new startup but it has already achieved a lot. I think a large part of that is attributable to the fact that I’m always looking to improve the website and user experience. It has changed significantly from when we launched and I can imagine looking back in 6 months from now and thinking the same.

I believe that in the ever-changing world of online business, you can never sit idle. It’s a survival of the fittest and you need to keep improving.

The Internet allows us to collect really useful data that can and should be used to continually improve your presence.

Furthermore, on a site such as Go Get Funding when a user starts a fundraiser, they make a significant investment of time and even money. Due to this connection, we have a responsibility to always provide the best features and experience. This relationship with fundraisers also means that we get a lot of feedback and that’s really useful.

MO: What are some crowdfunding trends that you’re excited about?

Sandip: The popularity of crowdfunding for all types of initiatives keeps increasing and legislative changes will soon mean that some crowdfunding sites will even be able to offer equity investments.

Although, we’re likely to remain as a donation-based platform, developments such as this breathe new life into crowdfunding as a whole.

Furthermore, I believe that as long as social networks continue to grow, so will the crowdfunding industry.



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