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“Goodnighties was under marketed and I decided to boldly call the manufacturer to offer my professional services to propel the message of this amazing product to new markets.”

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In early 2010, tired, exhausted and determined to find a solution for her sleep deprivation Marketing Communication Executive, Sarah Baldwin found Goodnighties through an on-line search that proved to be life changing for her. After the first night, she experienced a noticeable improvement in her sleep. At the time, it felt like a face lift!

Goodnighties, Inc. is a US manufacturer based in Huntsville, Alabama- makers of Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear made with a patented technical process in fabric that stimulates blood flow to tired muscles promoting healing and better sleep. Additionally, Goodnighties fabric moisture-wicks and is anti-microbial.

Sarah Baldwin, Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear - Vice President

MO: How did you go from being a Goodnighties customer to becoming their Marketing Communication Executive?

Sarah: After profoundly sleeping better, my right brain was healed and it occurred to me that there must be others like me who are chronically exhausted in need of a no-pill solution for better sleep. I quickly determined that this product, Goodnighties was under marketed and I decided to boldly call the manufacturer to offer my professional services to propel the message of this amazing product to new markets. I sent in ideas and in a short period I was meeting with the owners and manufacturer. I guess you could say the ‘stars lined up’ and now the rest is history!

MO: What were you doing before you came to Goodnighties and how has your background and experience contributed to the development of the company?

Sarah: I have years of experience in Marketing Communications – including a 10 year stint on the original marketing team that launched NutraSweet in the 1980’s – I managed all events and sales promotion activities from high-profile figure skating events to a gumball promotion to introduce the taste to consumers. After that, I was on the senior management team of Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades – a 70 city national live skating tour. As a freelancer, I managed large corporate activities for Pillsbury, Sears and Kemper insurance. All of these experiences have helped me in branding and positioning of Goodnighties.

MO: What exactly is a Goodnightie and how does it work?

Sarah: Goodnighties is a line of sleepwear made with a new patented technology called ‘IonX’ that blends negative ions into the fabric fibers to then stimulate blood flow to tired muscles ultimately promoting better sleep. Additionally this unique custom fabric has superior moisture-wicking properties to control body temperature and it is anti-microbial to resist odors. Never before have these attributes been combined in a sleepwear garment.

MO: Who is your target market?

Sarah: Primary; 40+ women with sleep issues Secondary; women with sleep issues, tired muscles or irregular body temperature which can be any age.

MO: The term Goodnightie suggests that it’s a woman only product at the moment. Do you have any plans in developing anything for the male market?

Sarah: At the request of our many customers, we are in development of a men’s line. It is our thought that men who start sleeping better in this unique fabric will be just as pleased as the women and ‘the name’ won’t be a factor.

MO: Can you share some tips with our readers who are thinking of starting an Internet-based business?


#1. RULE—begin any business with a friendly platform for easy web editing and customization. I recommend Big Commerce (www.bigcommerce.com) this tip alone with save you lots of time and frustration.

#2. RULE- do not hire someone to do a job related to something you know ZERO about. You will need to learn social media, SEO tagging and other technical basics – answers are everywhere. Approach this like a big puzzle … step-by-step.

If anyone has questions… connect with me! I am available to share the knowledge that I have learned from this experience.

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