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“We use our talent to assess company workflows and communication streams to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance.”

Scott Byers is the CEO of EDM Americas, a global company dedicated to information lifecycle management and meeting the demands of today’s ever-changing, multichannel businesses in communications. EDM Americas is the industry’s only end-to-end solution. Byers is responsible for significant revenue and client and geographic expansions. He sits on the London-based EDM Group’s board of directors.

Byers is a member of the AIIM network for Intelligent Information Management. He is also a member of the Buena Vista University Board of Trustees.

Scott resides in Pennsylvania with his wife, daughter, and three sons. Connect with Byers on LinkedIn and Google+.


Businessinterviews.com: Tell us about EDM Americas (formerly Diversified Information Technologies).

Scott: We specialize in consulting, technology, and outsourcing business processes in regulated industries. We use our talent to assess company workflows and communication streams to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance. We then apply our technology-based solutions to track, audit, and control processes to speed up turnaround times and eliminate waste and excess.

We offer our expertise, SaaS-based technology, and complete outsourcing of processes. Our clients typically operate in regulated environments such as insurance, financial services, healthcare, pharma/CRO, and government. In these areas, tested processes oriented toward compliance are critical.

Businessinterviews.com: Since being purchased by EDM Group, a U.K.-based company, what are some of the biggest challenges your company has faced? What are you excited about, and how will this impact the overall success of EDM Americas?

Scott: No challenges, but a lot of opportunities and success. We were able to expand our geographical reach, and our talent and expertise have grown dramatically with the acquisition. In addition, we have made significant capital investments in our technology and equipment.

Businessinterviews.com: As technology continues to advance, how do you see the role of paper evolving in the workplace?

Scott: Paper is a valid communication medium and will be relevant for a while. Today, I think the key is meeting clients at their point of comfort and relevancy. This is more complex given all the sources and inputs such as paper, portals, fax, email, social media, and film/fiche for historical purposes. We can assimilate all those data points for our clients and give them visibility to information in one mode that is useful, efficient, and compliant.

Businessinterviews.com: With clients in a variety of industries, what is a primary strategy you apply to all clients?

Scott: It’s about understanding the process. We determine what the most efficient, effective, and compliant way to transact the business is and then work back from there. We can really transform a company by unleashing its information and data. The company can then use that to drive its business successfully.

Businessinterviews.com: What is the biggest struggle you’ve encountered from working with clients in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and insurance?

Scott: Compliance and regulation procedures are constantly changing. Staying abreast of the requirements requires intense dedication.

Businessinterviews.com: What is one trend in your industry that really excites you?

Scott: More companies are seeing the value of having someone address information collection and processing. This allows companies to utilize the information to analyze their business and business model rather than get caught up in information collection, processes, and communication.

Businessinterviews.com: What’s one tip you can give to aspiring business leaders?

Scott: Stay relevant. You need to be a lifelong learner and engaged in your industry. You should be constantly investing time in your skill set.

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