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“Get more CHING with that Social Media Thing”

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Sasha Rodriguez -CEO
LaKeesha Morris – CFO
Nicole Wynne – COO

Sasha Rodriguez brings the “Savvy” to Social Savvy Divas! She is the tech guru of the group and has been involved in all things web since 1997, when she was 17. Sasha developed the PinkPrint™ Plan which is their signature/proven social media process.

As an integral member, co-founder and COO of Social Savvy Divas – Nicole Wynne brings the mix of “social” into Social Savvy Divas. A digital-age native, Nicole lives in the world of social media and uses tech savvy tools as an extension of the know-how she bring to the table.

LaKeesha Morris offers practical insight and helpful tips for the businesswoman on the go. She understands that you do not have time to research the latest blogs or learn about the “top 10 social media sites.” Her easy going personality and innovative teaching style will help you learn the best practices in social media marketing.

Social Savvy Divas is a social media management and training company focused on helping business owners promote their companies effectively using social media networking. In their words, they help you “Get more Ching with that Social Media Thing!”

Social Savvy Divas - Sasha Rodriguez, LaKeesha Morris, Nicole Wynne

MO: It’s not often that you see 3 women running a company together. Can you tell us how this partnership works, the challenges you’ve faced and any advice you’d like to pass on?

Sasha, LaKeesha &Nicole: From the start of our partnership we focused on integrating our strengths into our business and using those strengths to help our business grow. Sasha focuses on using the latest available tech in social media to implement the foundation of our online business processes. LaKeesha focuses on her research strengths from her past grant-writing experience to gain insight in what’s happening in the social media world. Nicole uses her natural gift of networking with amazing people to increase the Divas’ network of influential movers and shakers.

Having a solid foundation of communication from the start of the partnership is essential to the success of the business and the bond that holds a partnership together. Team that up with business coaching and clear business goals and expectations, and you’ve got yourself the recipe for a successful partnership.

MO: Sasha, how did you get the nickname “The Technology Whisperer?”

Sasha: My sister actually pinned that nickname on me, she’s a big fan of “The Ghost Whisperer”. One day I was at her house helping her figure out how to use her new iMac and she jokingly said, “You know you’re like The Technology Whisperer, only you can figure out how to speak the tech language that makes this stuff work. I can’t figure it out at all!”

Since then, the nickname stuck and I’ve received the same sentiment from other people, when they have any issues they come to me and ask me how to make something work. Oddly enough, it comes easy to me and I provide the solution quickly and in a way the non-tech person understands. The look on their face is priceless…it’s a look of “I should have called Sasha first instead of spending hours trying to figure this out on my own!”

MO: How rapidly is social media changing and what are some tips for keeping up?

Sasha, LaKeesha &Nicole: Social Media technology we feel is constantly changing and for the every day user it’s hard to keep up. It seems that every week we learn about yet another social media network that is important for our business. We’re being programmed to think it’s ok to jump around from network to network, and that we need to be everywhere at all times. It’s important for businesses to understand that they need to use the right social media tools that fit their business needs, not the other way around.

Our top tip for businesses looking at incorporating social media into their business is to focus on the one or two social networks where their audience resides and connect with current and potential clients using that network. Using tools like Social Mention can help you see what’s being said about your business and across the major social media networks.

MO: Nicole, how do you create a sense of instantaneous rapport with your clients?

Nicole: I love learning about people and knowing what drives them to wake up in the morning. Everyone has a passion, something they love to do and I use that to break the ice in conversations. I like to learn first about the person, and asking them questions about what they do and referencing past experiences always helps seal the connection. I allow the other person the opportunity to express him or herself and once I learn about their passion, I provide them feedback on that subject which they find interesting and guess what you’ve just broken the ice.

There are business owners that believe in talking the potential customer to death will help close a deal. In fact, it’s important to realize that if you let the customer do the talking not only will you get to the bottom line of what their needs are but you can directly express how you can help solve their problem and do it without alienating them with your one-sided conversation.

MO: LaKeesha, how have your ten years of experience in social services and nonprofit fundraising contributed to your knowledge and understanding of social media and its importance in business?

Lakeesha: My 10 years of experience in nonprofit management and fundraising has allowed me the opportunity to practice creating engaging content that is personable, concise, and relevant. Competitive nonprofits understand the importance of developing a strong brand, crafting a story that moves people to action, and relationship management. These are the same skills that any business owner would need to engage consumers and attract investors.

Nonprofit organizations are beginning to understand the importance of having a social media presence and are reaping the benefits of incorporating social media campaigns into their fundraising initiatives. For the do-it-yourselfer, social media provides an affordable way to get your word out quickly and target your desired audience.

Most nonprofit organizations do not have funding to outsource their social media needs or hire a dedicated staff person. I have been able to work with the staff of these organizations to teach proper netiquette (online etiquette), draft company policies relating to social media, and provide tips on what to post and how to efficiently manage their social media sites without it becoming a burden.

MO: What is the most exciting thing on the horizon for Social Savvy Divas in 2012?

Sasha, LaKeesha & Nicole: The launch of our Certified Social Media Diva program is next in line in our exciting 2012 calendar. Launching in March, our program will empower women with social media management training using our PinkPrint™ Social Media Plan.

Once certified, our newest Divas will have the tools and knowledge needed to effectively manage social media accounts for clients nationwide. Our program provides the complete process to make this a turnkey business for women wanting to add social media to their existing business offering or those women who see the need to create their own job in a jobless economy.

We’re providing a new start with the right guidance to help build our Army of Social Savvy Divas in 2012.

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