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Spring Training for Your business!

Written by William G Wysong, Legal Intern to MO.com Subject Matter Resource Deborah Sweeney, CEO

While it is still technically winter, the 85 degree weather here in Southern California can fool you otherwise with the smell of fresh cut grass and with kid’s soccer and baseball games starting up practice at local parks.

Just as spring is the start of new beginnings for sports, it can also be the beginning for a new business. It is the time to come out of the off season and get back into the swing of things.

Looking for a helpful approach to start your new business? Try the Spring Training method:

1. Pick a warm and inviting location

For those of you that don’t live in the Golden State (or the Sunshine State for that matter) spring training season brings a chance to visit a warm climate for the first time in several months. You should be doing the same with your next business endeavor. Think you have an idea that could be huge? You can get a feel for demand in a fairly cheap way and friendly way by placing ads in local classifieds. You can set up a social media site or start a simple webpage. See how many calls you get, or visits to an online landing page. This is a sign that others are interested!

2. Try out new ideas and air out old ones

You should talk with friends, family or anyone you can get to listen to your new ideas, or old ones that might still have what it takes and offer input. If your idea is helping to solve a problem, find people with whom you share the problem and see if they like your solution. In addition to looking for potential customers, also look for potential suppliers. Talk to service providers, manufacturers, or suppliers that would be essential to running your business. Not only will they have helpful experience in their arena, their experience will likely help you in yours.

3. Collect statistics and make a game plan

As a good coach does, collect statistics- and make a game plan. Spring training isn’t just a chance to defrost. It is also a chance to bring together a team and make sure all the parts work together. If you watched the movie MoneyBall, you know that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about making runs. Same with business – your ideas and players will get better over time, just make sure that the plan you develop is based on the reality of your situation.

4. Execute!

Once everything is lined up, its game time. After all, that is the point of all the preparation! But remember, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose your first game; it is how you perform over the course of the whole season that makes a team a winner.

For more information on starting a business, writing a business plan and executing on it, visit us at MyCorporation.com.

Written by William G Wysong, Legal Intern to Deborah Sweeney, CEO MyCorporation.com

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