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“Our channels are real people using video to share beauty and fashion advice and their lives with viewers.”

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Stephanie Horbaczewski is the Founder, President and CEO of StyleHaul. Stephanie honed her marketing expertise as the former Regional Director of Marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue after launching a clothing brand for the former founder of Jimmy Choo and Harry’s Shoes, Matthew Mellon.

StyleHaul integrates technology and fashion to create an inaugural space within the YouTube platform. The network is an online fashion and beauty resource, with viewers regularly enjoying original content from StyleHaul’s “gurus” and contributors at a rate of 120 million views and nearly 25 million unique views a month. The company enjoys a uniquely close dialog with its demographic and key end-users, boasting more than 14 million network subscribers.

Stephanie Horbaczewski, StyleHaul Inc - President & CEO

MO: You’ve managed to get a remarkable amount of traction in your first year, with an average growth of over 25% each month. How have you managed to gain a massive following in 12 months?

The space and industry are evolving much faster than expected and it created the need for a community to help maximize the scale of the opportunities. The channels we work with are looking to develop further and have discovered that unified they are more powerful, so I credit the content creators for the growth of StyleHaul.

MO: With so many other fashion spaces out there, how have you managed to create a uniquely close dialog with your demographic and key end-users?

Our channels are real people using video to share beauty and fashion advice and their lives with viewers. In doing so they provide the opportunity to build a relationship and connect people who would otherwise be strangers over a common passion.

MO: You have a pretty impressive fashion pedigree. Where does your love of fashion come from? Who or what were your early style influences? If you have a person in mind, what do you think they would say about this venture?

I can’t remember not loving clothes and accessories. Thankfully I had parents that supported this passion and friends who shared it. My early style influencers were those same friends but as I got older I started to appreciate Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel– year after year he showed us that you can stay your own brand at the core and yet reinvent yourself every season. My friend Nicole Hanley Mellon’s style is most personally influential to me now and she fascinated by this venture.thing

MO: What influenced your decision to choose YouTube as the platform for StyleHaul?

My business partners Allen DeBevoise and Aaron DeBevoise. They pioneered this space with Machinima and were very successful at evolving with the YouTube community and creating the opportunities we see today.

MO: If I could grant you one business related wish right now, what would you ask for?

The ability to expand our team faster globally to keep up with the reach of our community.

MO: You’ve accomplished so much in such a short period of time. After experiencing such explosive growth what can we expect next from StyleHaul?

Furthering the expansion of our global community and continuing to develop exciting new original programming and industry partnerships.

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