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“Supplements can help us improve our health and wellness by supporting nearly every system of the body, from our hearts and brains, to our digestive tracts and joints, and everywhere in between.”

Dr. Steve Sisskind is the Chief Medical Officer at Real Dose Nutrition, creator of the highest quality natural supplements with “The Right Ingredients at the Real Dose,” all backed by legitimate science.

RealDose Nutrition’s mission is to deliver remarkable health improvements that make people’s lives better.

MO: Where did the inspiration to start RealDose come from?

Dr. Sisskind: RealDose started from our passion to seek out effective and natural ingredients from around the world, that deliver remarkable health improvements. We wanted to use ingredients backed by legitimate human scientific studies that deliver fantastic results.

There is a significant amount of confusion today in the vitamin and dietary supplement industry, often leaving people wondering where to turn. In starting RealDose, we saw the opportunity to help people sift through the confusion and help guide them confidently on their road to health. We realized that developing products and information at such a high level would be time-consuming and expensive, but we felt that people would appreciate the value of getting real results, rather than empty promises.

MO: Why should people consider taking dietary supplements? What benefits can they have for a healthy lifestyle?

Dr. Steve Sisskind: Well, this may sound odd coming from a founder of a dietary supplement company, but ideally, people don’t need supplements! If we all ate the right foods in the right quantities, maintained great exercise routines, got good sleep every night, and controlled our stress, most of us could thrive without any supplements whatsoever. But this is just not reality for many of us.

That’s where dietary supplements come in. Supplements can help us improve our health and wellness by supporting nearly every system of the body, from our hearts and brains, to our digestive tracts and joints, and everywhere in between. But folks need to be careful about which supplements they choose and use. They need to access reliable information and legitimate science to help them decide what’s best for them.

MO: You have had a very interesting background. How have your M.D. and master’s degree in manufacturing engineering complemented each other in your work with RealDose?

Dr. Sisskind: As a doctor who also happens to have a degree in manufacturing engineering, I’ve learned to ask the right questions when it comes to dietary supplements. The first step, of course, is to validate the science. My medical background allows me to look at the clinical information behind natural ingredients with a critical eye. I look for double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies on humans. You’d be surprised how many supplement companies base their claims on animal studies. And the truth is that what works on mice doesn’t always work on humans.

The next step is to adhere to the highest standards possible when making the product. And that’s where my manufacturing engineering background helps me. Understanding how ingredients are sourced, extracted, and manufactured is crucial to making sure the end product meets the highest levels of purity, potency, and consistency.

MO: What have you and the RealDose team been most proud of throughout your company’s history?

Dr. Sisskind: We’re most proud of the people we are helping. It’s inspiring to receive phone calls and emails from people who say we’ve changed their health and lives for the better.

We’re also proud that we donate a portion of our profits to charities that are really making a difference, such as Vitamin Angels, an organization dedicated to reducing child mortality worldwide by delivering essential nutrients to infants and children. So far, we’ve helped reach over 6,000 children with these essential nutrients.

MO: What is your favorite success story from a client that has used RealDose?

Dr. Sisskind: We have so many success stories and they are all my favorites, because knowing that we are helping even one person improve his weight and health is what inspires us. When I read reviews like the following, I know that the work we are doing here at RealDose is worth it:

John S. from Fort Meyers, FL:

I will tell you this: I spent all weekend in the pool and at the beach with my two-year-old son, teaching him to swim. I even took my shirt off at the beach and built a sandcastle with him. To me, that means everything.

Andrea M. from Silt, CO:

I went to my rheumatologist, and he said I needed to lose weight. I started RealDose and went back six weeks later. I did not weigh myself in six weeks because I was afraid to get on the scale. I always get on the scale backwards when I go to the doctor. He was shocked! He sent a note home to my husband because he was so proud of me. I felt good!

MO: Where is RealDose headed in the next few months? What are you most excited for?

Dr. Sisskind: At RealDose, we’re on a constant quest to improve our products and deliver the most useful, inspiring, and clinically accurate health and diet information possible. It’s a full-time job, and we’re always working on new products!

We have just introduced our Healthy Life Program to coach our customers toward achieving their weight loss and health goals. We also just launched our high-quality Omega-3 TG fish oil product, which contains Omega-3 fatty acids in the highly absorbable and superior triglyceride (TG) form. In addition to the well-documented heart and brain health benefits supplied by Omega-3s, they’re also effective in assisting weight loss efforts.

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