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“A free service to homeowners, professionals that you can trust.”


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This interview was conducted by Gus Wagner of The Rocket Group

Homeowner Referral Service of KC is a referral service that offers a free service to homeowners. They have a network of highly skilled prescreened professionals that can perform any needed repair or remodeling service that a homeowner may have. All of their contractors are licensed and insured professionals.

Homeowner Referral service has taken the guess work out of finding a qualified contractor for any repair or remodeling need. There is no need to search the internet for a contractor which may or not be qualified. We already have contractors ready and waiting to go to work for you.

MO: What inspired you to launch Homeowner Referral Service of KC? How has your background and experience contributed to the development and vision of the company so far?

Steve: After having several bad experiences myself with unprofessional contractors and having met others with the same problem I started looking for ways for homeowners to avoid this type of problem. I wanted to give homeowners a free service where they could find qualified professionals without the risk. My background as a land surveyor has given me some insight to what people are looking for in a professional. I was constantly asked if I knew of a good contractor that they could call. This, along with my own experiences prompted me to start this business.

MO: Can you expand on the process of putting together a network of highly skilled professionals and any challenges that you encountered along the way?

Steve: Some of the contractors I have in my network are contractors I have worked with on projects as part of my surveying career. Others are contractors that have been referred to me through contacts that I have worked with in the past. My biggest hurdle has been finding enough work to keep my contractors busy. This is due in part to this type of service being so new to the area. I am confident that once people know how this business operates I will begin to grow this business to heights not even I can realize at this time.

MO: Can you talk our readers through how the referral process works?

Steve: When a homeowner is in need of a repair, or is considering a remodeling project they just go to my website and fill out a request for referral. Once I receive their information I forward the information to one of my qualified professionals that are experts in that particular field. My contractor will contact them within twenty-four hours. They will set up an appointment to give them a bid on the project. Once the homeowner accepts the bid the work will begin at the arranged timeframe. My job at this point is to maintain communication with the homeowner to ensure that they are satisfied with their contractor. I have yet to have any complaints about my contractors, which gives me a great deal of satisfaction in my ability to find the best contractors in their fields.

MO: What are the most common calls that you’re getting from your customers? Are you noticing any trends emerging?

Steve: At the current time I am seeing a lot of inquiries regarding concrete work. Specifically patios and driveways. Also am seeing requests for concrete foundation work. I have recently added IT to my list of professionals in my network. I am hopeful that I can incorporate these computer specialists into active members. My current services range from carpet cleaning, decks and patios, flooring, concrete work, lawn and landscaping, tree trimming, snow removal and much more.

MO: Can you share one aspect of your marketing strategy that’s really worked for you so far?

Steve: My most productive marketing strategy is that of word of mouth. People that are pleased with my contractors are looking for me to continue to provide this same quality service for their friends and relatives. My contractors are also active in referring clients to me. I love to get out and meet people so promoting my business is easy.

MO: What is Integrated Design and why is it worth considering for future projects?

Steve: Integrated design will take the existing home and design the surrounding space to fit the existing home. Aesthetics is important to maintain the beauty of your home. Integrated design will make every aspect of your fit the style that makes the addition fit its surroundings. Integrated design will take what already exists and make any addition look like it was meant to be there, or has always been there.

MO: Thanks for joining us today.


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