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“We are not changing fashion, but bringing fashion in a more stylish way!”


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StyleStanza.com is a style guide, fashion news and networking website. The website’s primary focus is not only to update the visitors but encourage them to create their own styling.

StyleStanza covers fashion news and updates, brands, products, styling tips, celebrity styling, fashion weeks, season and trend reports, movie inspired styling, style boards and beauty tips. The sign up process is easy and free. The members will have their profile page having their picture, information and their favorite fashion quotes. The most unique feature is the style chapter which enables the users to create their own style chapters with the pictures and articles of their choice. It can be shared on all major social networks. In addition, StyleStanza will provide expert advices to its members. This young start-up is having more than 20 experts on board, including fashion designers, stylists, writers, bloggers, analysts and consultants.

MO: What’s the difference between fashion and style?

Shirish: Fashion is what the world finds appealing and style is what you do with it. It’s good to follow the fashion and latest styles, but one should never miss having his own exclusive style. It’s all about being confident while carrying yourself in the best way. We want our members to invest in the right things and make an impact; we are not changing fashion, but bringing fashion in a more stylish way!

MO: What inspired you to launch StyleStanza and how has your background and experience contributed to the vision of the site?

Shirish: We wanted to bring together the people interested in fashion and at the same time wanted to assure that they never become fashion victims. Proper networking, knowledge and updates will definitely make them more confident. We want people to understand and create their own style. Our features like Style Boards and Style Chapter will be the best platforms to display their creativity, style and taste.

MO: What are some of the more unique features of StyleStanza?

Shirish: Apart from acting as a fashion guide and covering all the fashion news and updates, Style Stanza will be more interactive. Features like Style Chapter will enable the users to create their own scrap book with the pictures and posts they like on this website. There will be Style Boards designed by the experts to help users to create their own exclusive style. Our Sponsors Page will have all the ads featured on the website and users will be allowed to ask questions and our experts will answer, like how and where to buy. We will also be providing seasons and trend reports.

MO: What does your marketing strategy look like at the moment? How did you manage to gain momentum and create an audience before your site even went live?

Shirish: We started our Facebook page to get connected with people even before our launch. We have been receiving tremendous response and people are really looking forward to the launch. We receive numerous queries everyday regarding various products and styling. I guess we strike the right chord and that’s what makes our subscribers appreciate our ideas.

We have started getting advertisement related queries. Our ad policy will assure maximum possible exposure to the advertisers and brand. Our policy also maintain the uniqueness of a brand and will not feature rival brands or out of context advertisement. Apart from this, our sponsor’s page will list their ad at another page for free, where users can directly ask us questions regarding the brand or product shown in the ads. This will be a great selling and branding opportunity without paying any extra affiliation costs. Also, we are planning to feature few selected ads on our website at the launch. This will definitely be a good branding move for the companies and brands getting associated with us.

MO: When you hear the word “style” what people, films and places immediately come to mind?

Shirish: Coco Chanel. I have always admired Chanel and everything about her, even the movie based on her. The Devil Wears Prada is again a wonderful movie providing a good taste of fashion industry. I admire all the leading fashion designers and brands as they are amazing in some or the other way, be it Armani, Gucci, Hermes, Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Dior, Kenneth Cole, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Rolex, Patek Philippe, IWC or Roberto Cavalli.

I am sure when it comes to fashion capitals, Milan, London, Paris and New York are always on top of the list. I personally admire Florence as well. These cities offer you a wonderful fashion experience.

MO: If I could grant you one business related wish right now, what would you ask for?

Shirish: Lady Gaga promoting Style Stanza. Haha.

I really admire the way this great artist styles herself. Her every style speaks a ton about her even when she is quiet. She is a true rebel and yet, elegant and chic in her own way.

Funding could have been another wish. But we are looking for someone who can believe in the concept, rather than just valuating the business in terms of money. I am sure we will get few positive tie ups really soon.


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