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“Cutting edge ingredients and time proven classics bring skin back to health.”

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After many years of clinical skin care experience, Susan Hoover, R.N. & Licensed Esthetician began formulating Paradise Skin Products. Aided by her work in dermatology and plastic surgery, Hoover has become a true leader in advanced skin care.

With a nursing background in Intensive Care, Emergency Room and Surgical Recovery, Susan saw the devastation upon the body and skin caused by accidents, sickness, and surgery. Later, as she worked with dermatologists and plastic surgeons, she began to see the need for a skin care line that would help those with aging and sun-damaged skin. She wanted to make sure that the formulation of these products would include ingredients that were restorative and therapeutic, so that those who had any trauma due to accidents or surgery would be able to find restoration and healing to their skin.

Paradise Skin Products is dedicated to the formulation of a cosmeceutical line that is exceptionally pure at the deepest level.

Susan Hoover & Megan Franks, Paradise Skin Products - Owner & Operations Manager

MO: Can you talk about how you started the company?

Susan & Megan: Living in Hawaii Susan began to see a need to help correct and protect the skin from sun damage, aging, and acne. There were countless different skin care lines on the market, but they all included harmful fillers that can irritate the skin and cause health issues. There was a need to create a line of skin care that was natural, toxin-free, and most importantly effective! She then discovered a way to get the purest of pure ingredients, which began our skin care line.

MO: Can you explain how the innovative extraction process, known as Chiral Correct works?

Susan & Megan: Chiral molecules have a unique three dimensional shape composed of two sides that are mirror images of each other, yet not completely identical. For example, your right hand and left hand are mirror images, but you cannot wear a left glove on your right hand. The arrangement of your thumb and fingers in three dimensions makes your right hand and your left hand distinctively different from one another. One side of the molecule produces toxins that make an ingredient not as effective. The other side of the molecule is pure and free of harmful occurrences in an ingredient.

In the 1950s, many pregnant women taking the drug Thalidomide for “morning sickness” gave birth to babies with severe birth defects. It was later discovered that while the chiral version of this drug curbed the morning sickness and did no harm the to the babies, whereas the non-chiral version of the drug actually caused devastating birth defects. Another example is the more commonly known drug Allegra. It’s manufacturer decided to cut costs making Allegra’s sibling Seldane. This product was introduced in 1985 and by 1990 the FDA began seeing a dramatic increase of toxicity in the heart causing fatal reactions. Seldane was pulled from shelves while the chiral correct Allegra made it’s final and permanent appearance. When this technology is used in skin care a person can receive a stronger dosage of an ingredient without the irritation. For example, someone who gets irritated from a 5% Vitamin C will most likely not have issues with Paradise Skin Product’s Vitamin C&E that contains 20% of Vitamin C. This allows customers to receive optimal benefits of vitamins and peptides without negative side effects.

MO: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of working as a mother-daughter team?

Susan & Megan: The hardest part working as a team is those days that one of us is unnecessarily dealing with difficult situations. It’s hard seeing your mother/daughter having to deal with tough situations first hand. There are countless advantages. We know how each other think, which allow us to be two steps ahead of each other. This allows for a quicker turnaround time and a more effective business structure.

MO: What are some of the unique ingredients used in your products and how do you source them?

Susan & Megan: Our most exceptional ingredients with be our polypeptide. It’s the strongest percentage on the market that we have been able to find, which means our customers get the best results. Our uniqueness comes from our layering of ingredients. We are known for stacking multiple beneficial ingredients into one product. For example, our Intense Wrinkle Serum contains Peptides, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and DMAE. It is rare to find such strong ingredients wrapped into one package. Our special refining process allows us to get all these heavy hitters into one product.

Our ingredients are all natural. If we list aloe as an ingredient we get it straight from the source. We also go the next level of green responsibility and are very particular about over harvesting. If one ingredient is starting to become depleted we then find a similar source to protect our planet from loosing crucial botanicals that are necessary in a functioning ecosystem.

MO: What are the main differences between “mass marketed” products and a cosmeceutical line like Paradise Skin?

Susan & Megan: The benefits of us not being “mass marketed” will certainly be our adaptability to our customer, products, and business. The larger corporate companies can take months and sometimes years to adjust to market trends. If we want to change something on our website we do it. We don’t have to get approval from the graphics department first and then wait on our IT to implement. We just make the change on our own in the matter of minutes.

MO: What professional or personal accomplishment are you most proud of so far?

Susan & Megan: We are proud to have a skin care line that has survived such a tough recession and has been in business for over 10 years. When people first try our products they are hooked and don’t want anything else. We have customers that have been with us through the beginning, because we produce such a quality product. It’s very gratifying to have ingredients that not only are 100% beneficial to the skin, but one that our customers truly enjoy. This is what has led to industry recognitions, but probably our favorite would be when we were named Cleanser of the Year by DaySpa Magazine.

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