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“Marketing is simply a matter of sharing solutions with people who are already looking for them.”

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Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach, helps “time starved” entrepreneurs to create more profits in their business. Her clients enjoy more freedom and more success as a result of her “how to” marketing training, unconditional support and the results-focused accountability she provides. Sydni has worked with hundreds clients in over 50 different industries to help them consistently attract more clients, create a stronger online presence, develop multiple streams of revenue and boost their bottom line.

Creating your version of a successful business is completely within reach when you focus your efforts and take consistent action. Connect with Sydni at Smart Simple Marketing to schedule a FREE “Profit Breakthrough” session where you can discuss your current challenges, how to overcome them and receive help outlining a simple plan to achieve your goals. There you can also pick up your FREE marketing starter kit designed to help you fill your practice with ideal clients!

Sydni Craig-Hart, Smart Simple Marketing - Marketing Coach

MO: When you first launched in 2005 you were a marketing virtual assistance firm. How has the company evolved into a full-service marketing coaching and consulting firm over the past few years?

Sydni: I’ve always been very strategic, focused and organized in my approach to marketing. As a result of my work as a Marketing Virtual Assistant, I started receiving requests to consult on various projects and develop simple marketing plans that were focused on profits. Those same clients kept coming back and I realized I enjoyed the strategy and planning more than the implementation. So I switched my business to helping my clients develop and work their plan instead of being the actual implementer so that I could help more people.

MO: What makes you different than the other marketing firms you’re competing against?

Sydni: One thing is that because I have the background as the “technician” doing the marketing work, I actually know what I’m talking about when I recommend a particular strategy to a client. I know how to break down a project into easy action steps that the client can implement quickly, thus they get better, faster results and enjoy achieving their goals. Also, I only teach what I’ve actually done to grow my own businesses. There’s no “smoke and mirrors” around here, I simply teach what works.

MO: Business is dynamic in nature, how can managers stay on their toes in a constantly changing environment and make sure they’re marketing their services effectively?

Sydni: You have to do market research regularly, like daily! Market research should be built into your marketing plan so you know at any given moment what your clients need and what they want. The marketing strategies you pursue should be focused specifically on what problems your prospects are looking to solve. Also, it’s important to track everything so you know what’s working, what’s not and what needs to be tweaked.

MO: What are examples of finding and using untapped profit centers?

Sydni: Just last week I helped a client who has a full practice of clients (counseling women in abusive relationships), has written 6 books and speaks around the world to launch her first webinar series! She generated almost $5,000 in sales in one evening and now has a new revenue stream for her business that did not exist 6 months ago. Also, I helped to her raise her fees, decrease her client load and launch new 3-month coaching programs instead of one-off sessions, which creates better results for her clients, more money for her and more flexibility in her schedule. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

MO: What influenced your decision to focus on the niche market of solopreneurs?

Sydni: Most solopreneurs are GREAT at what they do and so passionate about helping others. But they struggle to be successful and enjoy a profitable business because they don’t know how to convey the value of what they offer. They often struggle to connect with the people who are looking for the solutions they provide. I love helping my clients to eliminate both of the challenges and I’m good at it too!

MO: Can you tell our readers about why you created The Money Map System and how it works?

Sydni: My “Create Your Money Map” system is all about developing a simple, customized marketing plan that makes you money. My clients are busy, have a limited amount of time and money to spend on marketing and want results NOW. They also tend to get easily overwhelmed by trying too many different tactics and strategies. My system walks you step by step through identifying exactly who your ideal client is and what they want, how to set your goals, choosing strategies that fit those goals and outlining a schedule so you market your services consistently and effectively.

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