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“People need a good plan and accountability more than laser-like focus.”


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This interview was conducted by Gus Wagner of The Rocket Group

Tim Detmer is a certified personal trainer, certified fitness nutrition specialist, and a certified running coach working and living in St. Louis. He owns and operates Finish It Fitness, a private personal training studio. Tim and his team have helped hundreds of St. Louisians to achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether your goal is to lose 100 pounds, qualify for the Boston Marathon, prepare for your first triathlon, or shed the last 10 vanity pounds, Finish It Fitness can guarantee you the results you want.

Finish It Fitness is a personal training studio located in West St. Louis County, providing both private personal training and semi-private personal training. It also runs the Takedown Challenge, a 28-day biggest loser style weight-loss challenge, three times a year.

Gus: How has your background helped shape the vision and direction of Finish It Fitness?

Tim: Having an Exercise and Sport Science undergrad degree has been crucial for helping to understand how we can help each individual. Understanding that each person is unique in their challenges is at the core of how we believe fitness plans should be developed. When we take that approach we can provide real fitness solutions that do not require hours a day of exercise. All of our training sessions are 30 minutes and the majority of our clients work with us twice a week. When we are providing fitness results with reasonable time commitment people respond and refer their friends and family. As long as we stay true to that guiding philosophy I believe we will continue to grow and expand throughout the St. Louis area. I have always dreamed big with everything I have done and Finish It Fitness is no exception. I believe by staying true to delivering results to each individual we can continue to grow at a steady rate.

Gus: What inspired you to develop a semi-private personal training program? What kind of feedback have you been receiving so far?

Tim: We developed our semi-private training based on a couple of fundamental assumptions we consistently found to be true. People need a good plan and accountability more than laser-like focus. So if we can develop a good plan specific to each person and hold people accountable for their actions we can deliver great results without a huge price tag. Currently 70% of our clients are utilizing our semi-private training, and the results are on par with our one-on-one private training clients. It has been great for those clients that know they need the accountability and appointment or they will not do their strength work required for a well-rounded fitness program.

Gus: What is the key to helping people reach their fitness goals? Can you share the techniques and approaches you use to help keep people motivated and inspired to stick with their program?

Tim: Helping people reach their fitness goals has a lot to do with setting realistic expectations. If someone thinks they are going to be lose five pounds every week but their program is only going to deliver two pounds a week they will get discouraged. Conversely, when someone expects to lose two pounds a week, then loses two pounds a week, they are happy and ecstatic. Beyond that reminding them what drove them to seek professional help is usually the biggest motivator, it is about getting past that they want to lose thirty pounds. It is about why they want to lose those thirty pounds, what changes that will mean in their life. Helping them envision themselves at the end goal and how much happier and more enjoyable their lives will be.

Gus: Congratulations on your recent move to a larger location. What has the bigger space meant to Finish it Fitness and what you’re able to offer to your customer base?

Tim: Thank you, the bigger studio is great. It gives each person working out more space when we are at max capacity, making it more comfortable for everyone. It has also allowed us to integrate an assisted stretching service, and given our clients a more comfortable area before or after their workouts to change clothes or just catch their breath.

Gus: Can you share a bit about your Take Down Challenge and what your clients can expect from the experience? Also, what are some tools you provide to make sure that the weight stays off long after the Take Down Challenge has finished?

Tim: The Takedown Challenge is a 28-day biggest loser style weight loss challenge. It is based in nutrition guidance. We start with initial measurements so we can develop each person’s specific plan. Each week they get a menu of foods to choose from, recipes and grocery list to accompany each item, weekly workout recommendations, weekly weigh-ins, and journal checks. We also add in one boot camp style workout per week to help boost their metabolism. All of the info and guidance is specific to the individual based on our initial measurements. The average person loses 5% of their body weight in the 28 days of the challenge. When the challenge is completed, they get all updated guidance based on their final measurements so they have a clear direction on how they can continue with their success.

Gus: How have you taken the Steps of Change, which were originally created for smoking cessation and have used the principles to apply to fitness and weight loss?

Tim: The Steps of Change are all about identifying the mentality of wanting to change. It is designed to help get people from not realizing it is a problem, to thinking about change, into preparing to change, taking action to change, and maintaining those behaviors. Once we identify where someone is at on the hierarchy, then we can take the appropriate steps to help them move up the chain to consistently taking action until they reach a maintenance phase. This is vitally important when we work with people because if we ask a client who is not ready to take action to do too much, they will do nothing. Conversely if we can match their level of perceived readiness with our action plan and just push a little we can start to move through the hierarchy. Ultimately getting them through full action and into maintenance of their new healthier lifestyle.



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