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We generally have quick wins for a business, but most change is steady and long-term.

Executive Coach Tonya Page

Serving small business owners, executives, and sales leaders, Business Coach Tonya Page uses her proven executive coaching and sales training expertise to get you to your success.

Tonya is an executive coach, trainer and advisor backed by years of successful business ownership, team management, business development, and sales leadership experience. She works with small business owners and executives in a diverse array of strategies and tactics.

BusinessInterviews.com: Are there things that you do differently than most coaches?

Coach Tonya Page: At FocalPoint, we are leaders leading leaders. We offer world class content; world class systems and world class support. Our systems include Brian Tracy’s proven technology coupled with an application that has been repeated amongst successful individuals hundreds and thousands of times.

I know that sounds like a lot of buzz words, but here’s how it works. Each Certified Business Coach is an independent business owner. We are highly trained in Brian Tracy’s programs with a large toolbox of resources.

That said, we have the luxury to choose our clients.

Personally, I work with business leaders who understand that moving forward takes change (clients with mindset). I work with business owners who understand they don’t already have all the answers (they are coachable). I work with organizations that can afford to pay for proven systems and are not going to waste their time or money on spinning their wheels (they are invested).

Consider the alternatives. Who says success is easy or cheap? We generally have quick wins for a business, but most change is steady and long-term. Think sports, like golf: tiny changes make a huge difference in the golfer’s game. A minor correction at the tee will have a major impact on the round and their game at large.

BusinessInterviews.com:  What is the most inspiring thing about being a coach?

Coach Tonya Page: The smallest “win” for a client is a joy – a new employee that’s a great fit, negotiating a good lease, a new contract with a desirable customer.

However, the most inspiring thing about being a coach is watching the impact on lives and understanding the ripple that creates.

As we work with a business owner, we see the individual change and watch the employees reap the benefit. The owner’s family, and subsequently the employee’s families, is impacted. It follows that clients and customers have a more positive experience. This extends in kind throughout the community, society and so forth.

It is my goal to change the world one interaction at a time. As I work with executives and business owners and their teams, I know I’m touching many people both directly and indirectly and that’s WHY I do it.

What are some common misconceptions about being coached?

What does your typical day look like?

BusinessInterviews.com:  What is one habit that can make people more productive?

Coach Tonya Page: Brian Tracy tells us to do various things consistently. Based on Brian’s writings, I think there are two things that go hand-in-hand that make me more productive and take no more than 15 minutes a day.

First, I write my top ten goals every single morning: these are real goals about retirement, investment and measuring my business and personal success. It’s the first thing I do after I pour coffee and walk the dog. This takes about 5 minutes. This keeps my goals top of mind quite literally. I have clarity about what I am doing daily and WHY.

Next, and maybe more impactful on my productivity, the last thing I do and recommend – again a Brian Tracy proven technique – is write my priorities for the next day at the end of each day. This also takes about 5 minutes, sometimes 10 if I need to consult upcoming events and deadlines. When I get to my desk, I know exactly where to begin.

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