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Venanzio Ciampa is a marketing and media expert. He is the president of The Promotion Factory, a New York City based full-service integrated marketing agency specialized in the field of luxury goods, fashion apparel, accessories, entertainment and technology.

The Promotion Factory is a well-established 360* communication agency that specializes in the fields of Luxury Goods, Accessories, Fashion Apparel, Entertainment and Technology. The company’s goal is to create innovative ideas and strategies for clients through efficient marketing plans combined with traditional and digital media, public relations and special events.

MO: What makes The Promotion Factory stand out as a new breed of communication agency?

Venanzio: The main trait of this company is its ability to perform and reach out at 360-degree. We are like a small army of dedicated people who are all knowledgeable with Brand Strategy, Digital latest trends, traditional and digital medias, and more. We think in terms of corporate objectives, and perform with individual initiative. This is our main strength.

MO: Your unofficial mantra is that marketing should be at once concrete and creative. What are some tips for achieving this delicate balance?

Venanzio: Creativity is like a primal screen, a filter. It is essential, in order to distinguish ourselves, and find the voice of the brand we are communicating for. At the same time, creativity needs to be contextual (in terms of the brand’s positioning), and concrete (in terms of return and distribution). I’ve seen great ideas go to waste because they were actually lacking clear roots and consistent attention as to the direction of the play-out.

MO: How does your hunger for knowledge translate in how you run your company?

Venanzio: In my view, it is the most important feature of The Promotion Factory. Knowledge is power, in our business, because in todays every-second-evolving technology and content, we must be consistently curious. Today, we have all and any tool at our fingertips, so searching to “know more” is relatively easy. Therefore, in the end, it all comes down to our individual thirst and thrust for culture.

MO: Have you had any mentors during the course of your career?

Venanzio: Yes, a few: Nicholas Sayek Sr. (1924-2010, former CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Swatch Group) and his son Nicholas Sayek Jr. (CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Swatch Group), to begin with. I was Marketing Director of the Swatch Group. Along with them, I need to mention Michele Sofisti (CEO Sowind Group) and Jean-Claude Biver (Hublot Board Chairman and former CEO). I stole and still steal a little bit from them everyday. The Hayeks are amazing entrepreneurships; Biver has a unique way of conceptualizing his ideas, while Michele Sofisti is a true coach in management style.

MO: What are 2 trends that you’re currently excited about?

Venanzio: Good question! First, as a Marketing Director and Consultant, I am fascinated by understanding how social medias are effecting some of the international countries I work with, which is quite different than from the US. Secondly, how the world of mass and luxury will be intersecting. Luxury is in fact using some mass mechanisms to promote itself, and it will be more and more to communicate where it’s going.

MO: What would your advice be to a new company putting together their marketing strategy?

Venanzio: Have clear ideas. Find the USP=Unique Selling Proposition within the product, as well as the image, the campaign and also the DNA of yourselves, and your employees. We live in a world where more and more what’s needed in this field is a knockout punch rather than a jab. It is also important to thoroughly understand where your investment dollars needs to go. Even for renowned brands, it is impossible to “buy” all the potential media properties available today. So you really need to understand where to invest and how to make major choices.

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