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Fundable Startup Spotlight

Founders Ryan Brown and Nick Pili, Vertical Labs

Ryan and Nick are Launching Interactive Tools and Games for Kids to Learn Money Management through Money Habits TV

About The Founders

Ryan Brown

For about 15 years, Ryan’s company MindBlazer has used video and interactive media to educate bank and credit union customers on money matters.

Nick Pili

During the same period, Nick has worked in the video game industry for SEGA, Codemasters and now his own company Vanquish Corporation, involved with dozens of best-selling game titles across PC, Console, Mobile and social platforms.

Nick and Ryan are now fusing this experience with video games and interactive learning on a program that’s easy, fun and practical. MoneyHabits TV is designed as something that kids and parents, or students and teachers can do together.

The Founding Story

Both founders are also parents, and believe it’s never been more important for kids to have a practical understanding of money- where it comes from, how to make it grow, and the good things that can happen when you’re smart about it. They wanted to give their kids the best possible start in life and help them avoid making the same financial mistakes that they made growing up. They also wanted to help them learn in a fun way.

MoneyHabits TV is being developed as highly interactive, fun, hands-on learning experience to give kids a practical understanding of money. It will be available for web, mobile, tablet and as a standalone interactive DVD. The team’s goal is to change the way kids think about money – to turn them from impulse buyers to excited savers and entrepreneurs; and with your help we’d like to make MoneyHabits TV available to parents and educators all over the world.

View their crowdfunding campaign here: Vertical Labs

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