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Aaron Patzer of Mint.com Talks to CNET about Branding

An article at CNET yesterday, interviewing the founder of Mint.com, put a smile on my face for the rest of the day…   OK, I admit it.  I tend to smile a lot, but nonetheless, it was a very interesting read.

Aaron Patzer, who sold Mint.com for a reported $170 million last year to Intuit, about the importance of the name when for branding…    in this instance in particular, the domain name Mint.com.

Here’s an excerpt of what Patzer had to say:

“Choose something with meaning, even if it’s expensive and difficult to acquire, rather based on domain name availability, because otherwise, you’re going to kill word-of-mouth,” he told CNET on Monday, a day before his scheduled keynote at the FOWA conference, called “How to Take Your Start-Up to the Next Level.” He said this was particularly crucial for Mint, a product that isn’t a social site and therefore can’t plan to rely on viral spread.

How am I not supposed to get jazzed up from that?  For the rest of the interview please visit cnet here:

Aaron Patzer Interview with CNET

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