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“We want to remain a solutions provider and continue to revolutionize this segment of the industry by offering out-of-the-box products that help hospitality venues improve their profits.”

SmartBar Products is a leading provider of portable, customizable, space-efficient, revenue-generating banquet and catering furniture. All of the products (Bars, Buffet Tables, Cocktail Tables, Valet Stands) fold to less than 12 inches to save space in storage, roll for convenience and light-up with the built-in LED lighting system. A wireless remote control is provided to control the LED lights.

SmartBar was founded in 2009 by Adam Rozen, a long-time innovator and entrepreneur who has been involved with the Hospitality Industry for a decade. Seeing a need for an upgrade in traditional catering and banquet furniture, Rozen joined forces with premium furniture manufacturers and in consultation with Food and Beverage Managers and designers to create SmartBar Products. SmartBar Products continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge, practical, branded furniture.

Adam Rozen, SmartBar Products - CEO

MO: What advantages have your customers found with using the SmartBar Products, compared to traditional bars?

Adam: The customers really appreciate and value the unlimited design options of SmartBar Products. Since the panels are interchangeable, we can create panels to match any theme/look that they want.

Additionally, customers find that SmartBar Products gives them greater ability to generate revenue. Our clients offer their clients customized panels and charge them for it.

MO: What type of work did you do for the Hospitality Industry before starting SmartBar Products?

Adam: Prior to launching SmartBar, I developed interactive technology solutions for the hospitality industry. This included interactive billboards and menus for both hotels and restaurants.

MO: What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur?


* Don’t work alone. Try to partner with others.

* Don’t just think on the best-case scenario… think about the worst case as well. Be prepared.

* Keep your expenses as low as possible. Be smart in how you spend your money in developing your company/product. Don’t overspend.

* Try to leverage the networks and people that you know in order to tap into their resources thus helping to develop your product/company.

MO: Where would you like to see your company in 5 more years?

Adam: In 5 years, I see SmartBar Products as a leading company in the U.S. and international market in continuing to develop innovative products. We want to remain a solutions provider and continue to revolutionize this segment of the industry by offering out-of-the-box products that help hospitality venues improve their profits.

MO: Have your customers seen revenue increases with the LED lighting system?

Adam: Absolutely. The LED lighting system has been proven as a revenue-generating feature. We know from our clients that they are up-charging SmartBar Products to their guests a premium furniture line. What is more likely to grab your attention? A typical bar or a bar with flashing, vibrant LED lights?

MO: Have you found advantages to having a Facebook page for SmartBar?

Adam: Not yet. We are new to Facebook and we are developing strong strategies to enable us to leverage the power of Facebook. We know that by utilizing the fan page correctly, it can provide additional ideas and inspiration to our current and future clients leading to increased sales.

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