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Alan Guinn

Alan Guinn

I wish everyone loved their job as much as I do. It would be such a happier world.

Want to hear a very short “elevator speech?”

I help clients, worldwide, make more money. I do it through delivering plain-spoken, well-defined plans that are easily executed.

No mumbo-jumbo or huge, overblown, over-the-top, flag-waving, flowery quotes about my superior intelligence and extensive education, or management theories, or the newest and best operating model or design.

I consult with and help fund a variety of project-driven and partner-focused projects. Telling people what I do is easy. I take a dream, develop a plan, and make it work. Simply. Effectively. Efficiently.

1) I develop and deliver Seminars/Webinars on a variety of topics in Leadership, Management, Finance, RE, and Business Development. People seem to like them. They learn. They relate.

2) I serve on several different Boards. People seek me out for ideas and suggestions.

3) I build profit from losing entities. If a client needs a partner, I may help find them one or suggest a joint venture group. If they need capital, we might help them find it, because that’s essential to success.

4) I believe the marketing advice I offer is probably essential to my client’s long-term success.

5) I provide innovative and “off-the-wall” ideas my clients may be afraid to execute on their own. I’ll implement them. You only soar as high as you’re willing to fly. Unlike Icarus, I won’t use wax to hold my feathers…no hubris here.

6) I help my clients to achieve success from our plans.

7) I simply won’t stay “safe” or “fit in” to some predetermined idea that someone has about me.

8) Yes, I often take chances that others don’t/won’t take.

9) I believe personal leadership is exemplified by lacking fear to take measured chances–doing something different– as opposed to being a member of a herd. Herd mentality is for those of bovine or porcine nature.

10) I visualize and demonstrate to clients how they can/will realize their dreams.

11) I listen, win awards; teach, learn, and create. Few client plans are too large; no opportunity ever seems too remote or too difficult to address and direct.

12) I help convert smaller dreams to larger opportunities.

To summarize: If most people tried to live like this, they’d find that “Life’s simply better that way.”