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An Entrepreneurial Key: Local Search

90% of all consumers start their search online. Just think about it.  How many times have you typed in the type restaurant you wanted to eat at into Yahoo’s local search or into Google?  Immediately, a screen listing all your options is right before you – many complete with customer reviews so you know who you can trust.

Buy Local

In case you didn’t know, Google Maps has a local search feature for businesses, and it is a great feature for any small business looking to bring in more traffic.  You can sign up your business and list it under certain categories and keywords, and every time someone goes to look for say “auto insurance” in your town, your company’s name will pop up.  Google’s Local Search is also:

  • free – that’s right.  It’s basically free advertisement
  • helps customer’s find your location
  • provides detailed information about your business including contact information, hours of operation, and business specialties.

Customers tend to prefer to shop local, but the biggest issue with supporting local businesses is finding them.  Big box stores have larger budgets for marketing, and can afford to put a sign up on every corner, flood mailboxes with direct mail, and place TV and radio commercials making them easier for local consumers to spot when they are looking for what they need.  Consumers see their signs, and even if they would rather give to someone else – wind up walking through a big box store’s doors because they don’t know where else to go.

Google’s Local Search takes out the guess work for any potential clients, and leads them right to your business.  All they have to do is type in what they are looking for, and bingo!  They show right up to your front door.

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