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“As a mother of two I find it critical that the education around nutrition and physical fitness be available to all adolescent and young adult communities.”

Kenya Moses is the founder and principal health and fitness coach of Be A Fit Mama, Inc., based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kenya’s mission is to share her extensive health and fitness knowledge and experience working with women to help you become a healthier, more energetic and happier woman. She also regular on-air talent for Livestrong.com and Ehow.com, a professional dancer and is the San Francisco Cardio Examiner.

Kenya is dedicated to the empowerment of women through health and fitness. Her philosophy is: Be Inspired, Be Confident, Be Fit.


BusinessInterviews.com: Can you expand on why after 5 years as a mobile-based company, you’re now ready to establish multiple locations throughout California?

Kenya: The choice to establish multiple locations throughout California really came from the desire and needs of my clients. As a mobile-based business, there are limitations as to how much community engagement can be achieved. Establishing physical locations, first in the San Francisco Bay Area and later in other major California cities, will help to connect and build communities in the education of women’s health and fitness.

BusinessInterviews.com: Where does your passion for women’s health and empowerment come from?

Kenya: Throughout my physical development years I was very active in various forms of movement and exercise, which allowed for me to maintain a healthy and fit posterior. But after the birth of my first child I came to realize that the luxuries of eating what I wanted and exercising when convenient was no longer an option. I began speaking with other women and mothers who were experiencing the same issues and from their concerns began my journey.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you talk about how this passion inspired you to develop an integrated curriculum that brings nutritional and physical fitness education together to young women in your community?

Kenya: I feel extremely lucky to live in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area where health and wellness is highly encouraged and opportunities to achieve ones goals are just around the corner. But with that said, there are many communities (particularly urban areas) that are designated as “food deserts” and have some of the highest percentages of childhood obesity in the state. As a mother of two I find it critical that the education around nutrition and physical fitness be available to all adolescent and young adult communities. Young women can benefit tremendously from learning accurate food, nutrition, conscious living and fitness information; which can reduce their risks of developing life-threatening illnesses later in life, not to mention the emotional capacity to persevere through life challenges.

BusinessInterviews.com: Do you really think that it’s possible for people to truly transform their body in just 20 minutes a day?

Kenya: Absolutely! There is a misconceived notion that fitness needs to be long and painstaking. In fact, it really doesn’t take long to begin transforming your body if you are consistent and have a solid strategic plan.

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