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Why become a publisher on MO.com?

Columbia Publisher for MO.com

I really enjoy interacting with the entrepreneurs that I interview for MO.com. It’s really just a great experience, as a young and aspiring entrepreneur, to get to meet these people who have started up a company, maybe they’re struggling, maybe it’s extremely successful, and really just hear their story.

Personally Rewarding!

I remember one of the first people I did a video interview for. You know when I told them that their interview is published on MO.com, just seeing their reaction to having the video of them up there, the link to their website, and telling them now you can show this to all your friends and colleagues and put it on your Facebook page and use if for your promotional material, they just thought that was amazing. They really felt special that they were a featured interview on MO.com which made me feel great to be able to do that for them.


Being able to do these interviews for MO.com on my own schedule is extremely important to me. I just graduated from college about a week and half ago. I was doing interviews for MO.com while going to school full time while doing an internship part-time, and I was still able to work as often as I wanted. I mean in the last month I think I made close to $700, and this was just a side kind of project for me in addition to school and in addition to an internship.


The MO.com partners are extremely committed to helping me succeed. I know that if I’m really struggling coming up with questions for an interview, I can just email Brian and say, “You might have more expertise in this field. Can you help me out?” Or once I’ve completed the interview, if I’m having trouble putting something into the website or editing it, that Mike will be extremely helpful with that. They want to see us succeed because we’re providing great content for their site. So they absolutely do everything that they can to make sure that this is the best overall experience for the interviewers so that we can make it the best overall experience for the interviewees and really just make MO.com a thriving website.

Make Money!

I have absolutely made money so far. I think it’s amazing how you can set your own prices, and for the advertisers and for the people that I interview, I can kind of gauge what’s the going rate in Columbia, Missouri, because every city is going to be different and if it takes one person more time than it takes someone else, then they may want to charge more. So I think that that is a great aspect of being a City Publisher. I really have made money, and it’s been able to help me to get started with my first apartment. It’s just been a great experience so far.

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