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“I love getting into industries that have not seen change in some time and figure out ways to better them.”

The Philadelphia area’s first and best Blow Dry Bar as designated by Philadelphia Style Magazine in July of 2012.

BLO/OUT Blow Dry Bar has taken the Philadelphia area’s media by storm with a 2 page spread in Philadelphia Style Magazine as well as coverage by Philadelphia Weekly, CNN, The Philadelphia Inquirer many more.

Rapid social media growth and word of mouth that spread like wildfire have allowed BLO/OUT to expand to 2 locations in just 8 months with 4 more in the works including a partnership with PREIT bringing BLO/OUT to local area malls as well as Caesars Pier Shops in Atlantic City.

MO: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to launch BLO/OUT Blow Dry Bar?

Avi: I was recently called a disruptive entrepreneur and I couldn’t agree more! I love getting into industries that have not seen change in some time and figure out ways to better them. I’ve been self employed since I was a teen and couldn’t imagine it otherwise. The blow dry bar industry came to my attention when researching the traditional salon industry. I knew I could build something great in an area that was not yet exposed to the concept, Philadelphia.

MO: Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit?

Avi: Absolutely! It started when I was about 12 years and started a computer company (if I would have stuck it out might have given Dell some competition). I’ve owned many different businesses from cell phone stores, to car washes and web companies. My greatest success was a large financial firm in South Florida.

MO: What’s one marketing strategy that’s really worked for you? How important has social media been in attracting and keeping clients?

Avi: I’m addicted to guerilla marketing, public relations and social media. In the beauty industry word of mouth is your best form of marketing and social media has made it bigger and better. We share photos, videos, client feedback and all sorts of fun posts that create interactivity with our clients and fan base.

MO: Opening 2 locations in less than a year is an impressive accomplishment. How did you know that the time was right to expand?

Avi: When our first location was cash flow positive by it’s 4th month and our clients were asking for more locations I realized it was time to expand. In addition the support of our investors and their interest in investing in me and BLO/OUT was very motivating.

MO: Can you elaborate on the significance of striking a deal with PREIT and how that will help shape the direction and future of the company?

Avi: PREIT approached me with interest in bringing the BLO/OUT brand to their mall properties. I’ve previously considered the BLO/OUT concept in a mall property but due to the high overhead costs in malls the concept did not work. PREIT offered me the opportunity to test out the BLO/OUT concept in an A rated mall with great traffic and awesome demographics. If the first location works out for us, we have the ability to go into their malls throughout the country along with other malls with similar demographics.

MO: Can you talk about the development process behind creating a franchise model for BLO/OUT Blow Dry Bar?

Avi: Once BLO/OUT took off we’ve gotten hundreds of franchise inquiries and I put them off for sometime because I didn’t feel that we were ready for that move yet. We had to prove that we’re sustainable first. A few months ago I met with a local franchise attorney recognized for his accomplishments with some of the nations largest franchises. His excitement about the BLO/OUT concept and our numbers along with the continuous inquiries from all over the country are the reasons we ultimately decided to go ahead with the franchise operation for BLO/OUT.


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