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Dr. Bob Rausch

Bob Rausch

Dr. Bob Rausch, has been paving the foundation for everyday people to regain control of their lives and businesses for over 25 years. He inspires and challenges executives, managers, and individuals to unlock their personal potential and discover the keys to successful communication and productivity through the effective management of their energy resources. He has helped several clients such as Merck and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Kimberly-Clark, New York Life, and US Steel reach their full success potential.

Dr. Rauschs’ approach is backed by years of practical experience and extensive knowledge, a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and five books that he personally authored, including the popular, The Secret Power in Stress: Unleash Your Energy Potential. His raw, unique approach to developing high performance teams has secured his position as the Energy Driven Leader, one of the most sought after leading energy and executive life coaches in the nation. He currently resides in Plano, TX with his beautiful wife Jinger and their princess Bichon Frise, Francesca.