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“As part of our hiring process, we look at how someone can solve a problem.”

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Bobby Emamian is the Co-Founder and CEO of Prolific Interactive. Prolific Interactive is not just another digital agency. They are a growing new media agency specializing in mobile and social applications. They work with clients to generate downstream, innovative solutions.

Headquartered in the heart of New York’s Digital District, the team believes they need to be in the middle of the digital scene to make a real impact. They are excited to hire new talent and continue to grow the team and client base.

Bobby Emamian, Prolific Interactive - Co-Founder & CEO


MO: As a completely digital company I would think you could be located anywhere, why is it important for you to be located in Brooklyn?

Bobby: We made the move to DUMBO because we wanted to be in the center of New York’s Digital District where the best of the best are located. We wanted to meet the coolest companies, hire the best talent, and make our mark in the mobile arena. DUMBO gave us the best opportunity to do this. And if you haven’t been to the Digital District, come stop by and say hi!

MO: Tell us about the initial concept for Prolific Interactive and how you and Eric Weber your Co-Founder initially got the business off the ground.

Bobby: Eric and I played baseball together in college so this company was an easy transition from the diamond. We used to build websites on our road-trips when we had free time and that led to the birth of Prolific.

MO: Can you expand on the concept of downstream, innovative solutions? How are your solutions different than competing new media agencies?

Bobby: Downstream solutions mean that we build products that focus on user experience. We spend a lot of time on our strategy phase, understanding what our clients goals are. By taking the time to identify the goals, we are able to understand what will make their project successful. For example, we learned early how important it is to add a social aspect to your campaign in order to increase user engagement. We have been able to incorporate that in a number of our products, and it has proven to be incredibly successful.

MO: You talk a lot about your great team and how close you all are. Talk us through your hiring process. What do you look for? How do you know when someone clicks?

Bobby: First and foremost, personality and attitude. From the ground roots of where this company was born, we take pride in how we take on challenges and persevere. As part of our hiring process, we look at how someone can solve a problem.

Then we look at potential. On paper some people can look better then others, but our primary focus is on people who can grow with the company, and evolve with the industry.

If you think you can challenge us, come try out. We want to wake up everyday and be challenged by our team, that’s what motivates us and allows us to continue getting better at what we do.

MO: What has been your favorite project you have worked on for a client thus far?

Bobby: My favorite client project was XXL Magazine. We built an iPhone app for them that allowed users to submit a 30 second freestyle that people could listen to, share, and rate. It is kind of like the American Idol for Freestyle Artists.

MO: In and industry that is constantly evolving, how do you maintain a competitive edge?

Bobby: Always be learning. There is always someone to meet or something to learn, and if you stop making an effort to get out there and learn then you wont be ahead of the curve. It is about being able to adjust and evolve with the industry. Everyday that we go to work, it is more exciting then yesterday. That is how we live our lives.

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