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“I feel like I have been blessed with having the best mentors in the entire world.”


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Bonnie Bruderer is an expert in the personal development field. She has been trained in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Health, Results Coaching, and holds nine certifications. All of this training led her to create V.I.S.S. International. It stands for vision, inspiration, strategy & support.

V.I.S.S. International is a company that sells Vision Board Party Kits. You buy the kit and then enjoy a 1.5 hour training with friends or family where you learn how to:
*Create a “souls sentence” for your life
*Identify where you are stuck, and what it has been costing you
*Learn tools to get “un-stuck”
*Close the gap from where you are to where you want to be
*Create a visual representation of all of your goals
*Use the “Remember Forward” technique to make your goals a reality.

V.I.S.S. International, previously named Vision Board Parties won the Women Owned Business of the Year in San Francisco, 2009.

Vision BoardMO:
Can you tell our readers about the concept behind vision boarding and why you believe this is important?

Yes, simply put, a vision board is a visual representation of your goals and your dreams. By creating a vision board, you are telling the universe, as well as your conscious and un-conscious mind exactly what it is you desire. VISS has created a proven formula that will help you identify:
•    Where in your life you are “stuck”
•    Give you tools and strategies to get “un-stuck”
•    Help close the gap from where you are right now, to where it is you say you want to be
•    Use the “remember forward” technique to get anything you want
•    Create a visual representation of all of your dreams (a vision board)

How has all of your training prepared you for running V.I.S.S. International?

I feel like I have been blessed with having the best mentors in the entire world. I spent 10 years of my career working for Tony Robbins, I was trained directly by him, as well as a team of experts. I also have worked for two other leading training companies, as well as Harvey Mackay.  Through these experiences, I have coached over 5,000 people in 7 countries around the world. I also hold 9 certifications in modalities such as life coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy and others. I have used all of this experience to design VISS, and the training you will receive when you get the vision board kit.

You have now expanded into 15 different countries. Tell us about how the concept of vision boarding, and your business as a whole is able to easily function in over a dozen countries?

Yes, we expanded quickly, and have representatives all over the world. Out philosophy is simple. The training that you receive in VISS, is applicable to children, coaches, women, men, business executives, and others ho have goals, all over the world. It is very easy to start a VISS business and teach the Vision Board Experience. We also have an extremely generous compensation program for you to start to generate an income right away, which leads to the success of the representatives, and also expanding into new areas.

Tell us about your employee program. How do people become a trainer, and what kind of business model is this?

We have a direct sales business model, and also compensate our trainers for teaching the Vision Board Experiences. It is very simple to start earning an income right away. All you need to do is recommend the Vision Board kit, and our other wonderful products, and you earn 30-60% commissions on all products sold. You can join from anywhere in the world.

Can you share with us what is currently on your personal vision board?

I love vision boarding, and I have many, all over my home and office. Here are just a few items that are on my board over the next year.

•    Fall madly in love and get married
•    Have a baby
•    Get my own show on the OWN network called “On The Rocks”
•    Appear on Rachael Ray, The View, Good Morning America, Ellen and other shows
•    Have a feature story in O Magazine, Allure, In Style, Success, Shape and others
•    Get a beautiful 4-BDM home in Larkspur, and have it decorated with a modern theme, and a lovely yard for Ginger
•    Get a brand new huge range rover

What is in store for the future of V.I.S.S. International?

Keep your eyes peeled for many media appearances this holiday season including Redbook (Nov.), Marin Magazine (Jan) and many fabulous TV shows and magazines for the holidays. Our mission is to become a multimillion dollar brand and a direct sales opportunity as well known as Pampered Chef or Stella and Dot. We will have over 5,000 representatives from all over the world by the end of 2012.

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