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Five Benefits Boomers and Millennials Bring to the Workplace

Written by MO.com Subject Matter Resource Deborah Sweeney

Too many new businesses go the ultra young, ultra modern route and have an office filled with fresh-faced just out of college graduates. On the other side of the spectrum will be an office filled with employees who have been with a company for over 10+ years. Both can absolutely work hard and will bring different things to the business table, but having a blend of both millennials and baby boomers can make for an ideal combination in the workplace.

Here at MyCorporation we have a pretty even mix of both in all of our departments and since it has worked out great so far, I always like to keep in mind all age groups when it comes to hiring and the qualities that both can bring in to constantly learn from.

If you’re working with millennials, you’ll notice that they…

Strive for a work/life balance. It used to be that having a career was the life and the biggest priority. Priorities have since shifted to a balance between spending time with family, friends, and a career.

Excellent multi-taskers. Generation Y is accustomed to having music or the television on as a background noise while typing up a college paper. They even function better with a few things going on at once.

Tech savvy. They grew up with technology so texting and DM’ing on Twitter comes easily and naturally.

Always connected via e-mail, phone, or a social network site. Millennials are easily accessible, particularly if they’re synced in through their smartphones.

College degree carriers. Whether it’s with an undergrad or a master’s degree, more and more young adults are graduating with college degrees now more than ever.

And as for the Boomers…

Company loyalty. It isn’t unusual for boomers to stay with a company for 20 years at a time. Years ago, it was custom for a young adult to stick with his first professional job for the rest of his life, and today quite a few boomers still stick with that mindset.

Competitive in the workplace. Some businesses hold friendly competitions, like in our office our sales leader awards a gift card to the person who does the best in terms of sales for the day. Boomers especially appreciate this.

Traditional. It comes with the age – naturally a person will feel more comfortable working in a manner he’s used to from when he was young.

Appreciate face to face chats over phone calls or emails. Boomers began working in a time when a person would walk over to another desk in the office to have a conversation rather than shoot a quick email.

Will tackle one project at a time. They like to do one project correctly and thoroughly before moving on to the next.

Don’t be a one-sided company with a whole bunch of youngins’ or an office full of boomers. Not only does one group have qualities that the other is lacking, but the two can help each other to learn new tricks of the trade so a business can nicely coexist together.



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