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“Keeping our clients delighted with our services is at the core of our business model, and we are able to do so by providing solutions to corporations whom suddenly have less staff to do an increasing amount of work.”

KSC Kreate originally began as a photography studio. Then, with the combination of a down economy and advancements in technology, they took the steps to become is a premier creative agency that handles every step of the content creation process for the nation’s largest retailers. Since 1975, KSC has provided retail imaging solutions, offering clients cohesive brand aesthetics from start to finish.

Led by President Brad Tuckman, KSC continues to remain at the forefront of the industry, utilizing the latest technology to improve and enhance both print and online displays. Their services range from photography and video to post production needs and software development. The most exciting thing: KSC Kreate is on the cusp of the creation of their first Feature Film: Finding Joy.

Brad Tuckman, KSC Kreate - President


MO: Tell us about the decision to make moves from being a photography studio to much more?

Brad: Rather than a specific decision point, our expansion beyond photography has been a deliberate and ongoing process to maintain a competitive advantage. Keeping our clients delighted with our services is at the core of our business model, and we are able to do so by providing solutions to corporations whom suddenly have less staff to do an increasing amount of work. Our ability to swim upstream helps our clients with their logistics and strategic planning as well as our ability to help them downstream with content management and deployment are examples of how we constantly change to add value to our customers.

MO: What distinguishes you from other content creators?

Brad: Our Total Image Management Experience (TIME) is the key to our differentiated market position. By combining our top talent and technologies, we are able to build our specific workflow process, TIME, which offers end-to-end solutions at a price and efficiency that competitors can’t touch.

MO: What can we expect from your first Feature Film: Finding Joy?

Brad: FINDING JOY is a quirky, romantic comedy with a dysfunctional family at its center, tonally similar to Little Miss Sunshine and 500 Days of Summer, starring JOSH COOKE, LIANE BALABAN, BARRY BOSTWICK and LAINIE KAZAN, and can be checked out on IMDB .

The film is currently in post production. The next step is to screen at major film festivals in the US as well as internationally, such as the Sundance Film Festival, while simultaneously screening for film distributors, many of whom have already shown an interest in seeing the final version. The hope is that we have a break-out indie hit on our hands and can launch right into our next feature. Regardless, the future of Kreate Films is certain – another feature is just around the corner. Our only difficulty will be choosing which of the many great opportunities to move forward with first!

MO: What advancement in technology has had the largest impact on your business?

Brad: The creation of the mobile device (iPhone, iPad) has had a profound and positive impact on our business. As the general public changes the shopping paradigm from a trip to the brick and mortar store to engaging in rich media product presentations online, we have had to change with them. While our creative processes remain the same, our ability to manage and deploy the content to where shoppers want and expect to see it has resulted in KSC transforming itself into a new breed of creative agency.

MO: Who would be your ideal client and why?

Brad: Our ideal client is a consumer products manufacturer or retailer who shares the mindset that we are now entering a new kind of economy; we call it retail 3.0, where seasons are shortened, customization is king, and a more powerful relationship between customer and brand is not only required but easier to create than ever before, given the right set of tools.

MO: Going from a photography studio to a feature film is a huge jump. What big leaps can we expect from you in the future?

Brad: The future for KSC remains bright. We will continue to build our business incrementally with a combination of senior creative, technology and management professionals. As this senior team gels, we will be able to fortify our end-to-end solutions and create new and practical technology products, forging that brand-to-customer relationship for our clients. That being said, we do not desire to be all things to all people. We believe that our best chance for continued success is to be nimble and open-minded while remaining true to our core values that have catalyzed our success to this point.

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