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“Specializing in digital from the start”

Matchbox Design Group was founded in 2006 by Brent Feldman and Cullen Whitmore. During the past eight years they have grown into a highly specialized six-person team that focuses on digital marketing, web design and web development.

Over the past two years, they’ve amplified their web services by offering a full-range of search engine optimization (SEO) solutions to their clients. SEO allows Matchbox Design Group to build enticing websites that outperform the competition and deliver results.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are some of the biggest mistakes you see businesses make when it comes to website design?

Brent: The biggest mistake I see is when businesses fail to follow best practices. I think this is especially true when companies don’t think about their users first. Being inventive and creative with your brand is important to standing out, but never lose sight of your target audience. We have come across so many sites where simple information is hard to find. When this happens, users become frustrated and leave your site. This is even more important to keep in mind when running paid campaigns because you’re paying for every visitor that clicks an ad. Make sure your pertinent information can be found easily and that your calls to action are bold and clear. If you are willing to pay for traffic to come to your site, then make sure it counts!

Our SEO offering is more powerful because we’re able to look at a site from multiple perspectives. It’s not just content, or links or design, it’s a combination of all this and more. An approach like this helps us create a more well-rounded offering for our client.


BusinessInterviews.com: Can you talk about how you’ve managed to attract some very large clients despite being small company? What are some ways that you separate yourself from the competition?

Brent: Simply by specializing in digital from the start. We do work for other agencies because we are a local firm who knows their craft enough to relay it balanced with the technical prowess to execute on any level. Offering options has been a big part of us gaining larger business, as well. Where a large firm might turn down a small opportunity from a big client, we find a way to make the scope and product meaningful for both parties so that they are happy and want to work with us on other projects.

BusinessInterviews.com: I know that you’re a big fan of WordPress. What are some tips for getting the most of out the platform?

Brent: Talk to an expert. WordPress is so easy to use that you can feel like you have gotten everything out of it by installing a few plugins and reading some user forums. For some people this will work just fine. For others who are looking for more, and think WordPress isn’t a fit, I would encourage them to think how extensible the platform is. It can accommodate so many needs: intranets, e-commerce, large websites, social platforms, reporting software, CRM systems and more. WordPress gives you a great foundation and framework, removing the burden of developing simple elements so focus can be placed on the larger need.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are some trends in the digital landscape that you’re excited about or think that our readers should be paying attention to?

Brent: We get excited about all the new advancements that are going on, however there’s really no telling what will stick and what won’t. A few of us have put in for the beta of Coin, a digital credit card that stores multiple cards for use with traditional card readers. Mobile payments could get really interesting when the iWatch, Coin and Plastc launch in 2015.

As far as web development goes, we are investing time in starting from a new framework and grid structure. This will allow us to be more progressive and flexible in how we approach our designs in development and ultimately give us new efficiencies when building responsive websites. Apple just released the 5K iMac and while it’s not a standard now, it’s something to think about as far as screen size and how those users will view our client sites and the web in general.

BusinessInterviews.com: What advice would you give to a startup in need of a social media strategy but is feeling overwhelmed?

Brent: Call us! I’m only slightly kidding, but in all seriousness, startups have so much going on that they should consider outside help for social media. It allows for efficiency gains, and it brings a fresh perspective to their content strategy from someone who’s not so close with their brand — and that’s invaluable in the infancy stages of any business. Product development is crucial, but so is the first impression any startup makes with their social media and content.

After the first connection is made with the audience, you need to hold their attention and engage. It’s no longer about pushing product, it’s about connecting with your user and making them feel connected to you. In regards to Facebook, there has even been talk about the resurgence of groups because of the discussions they can foment and the notifications it provides to its users when updates are made. It all comes back to strategy, but there are many social media venues to find and communicate with your audience.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for Matchbox Design Group in 2015?

Brent: We’re expecting a lot of exciting things in 2015. In the past two years we’ve been heavily growing our SEO offerings, which have been huge for our clients. This year we’re expanding our SEO offering with deeper content strategy, SEO copywriting and social media strategy. We’ve always started with digital, and now we can see our projects the whole way through — from website development to ensuring that every piece of content marketing matches the goals and results of a client’s entire web presence.

On the client side of things in 2015, we’re starting to work in some different industries. In the past we’ve been very fortunate to work with an array of clients in engineering, architecture, health care, legal, retail and industrial markets. Now we have a full-time business development specialist who’s “brewing” up some exciting opportunities for us to expand our client portfolio in the coming year. Most smaller firms have a tendency to focus on doing work in one industry. Since we concentrate entirely on digital work, we can cross-train our skills to be of service to any company.

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