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Brian Benko: Backbay Ventures

Brian Benko: Backbay Ventures
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Brian Benko – Backbay Ventures

Brian… Congratulations for being the inaugural interview on MO.com,what a thrill this must be (I kid… I kid…). You have been doing business online since before the turn of the century, when did you get started and do you think that early jump online has given you an edge as you’ve seen things unfold?

Brian Benko:
The web makes it easy for everyone. Nobody, for the most part, gets preferential treatment. We are all given free access to powerful tools, and we can work with anyone on the planet to build the next best thing. I really got started in 1998. Not too early and not too late. What 12 years will provide is a little bit of wisdom and a priceless rolodex. I had an economics professor in high school that would constantly argue that it is what you know and not who you know. At 16 years old I argued that it is who you know and almost never what you know. Twenty years later, I feel the exact same way and with even more passion. One good reason why I still feel this way: what I knew in 1999 is fairly useless today, but the people I met in 1999 are priceless.

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