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Brian Null

My name is Brian Null and some might call me a serial entrepreneur… but does anyone really set out to be a serial entrepreneur? maybe. I know I certainly didn’t. In fact, I had to be pulled, well make that dragged out of the cozy confines of my corporate cubicle and thrown head first into the swirling waters of entrepreneurship (Thanks Doc!). It was both terrifying and electrifying at the same time.

My businesses to date have all been Internet ventures. Failures aside, here are a few highlights:

OfficeSupply.com: Owned and operated for 4 years with my sister and brother. (Sold 2004)

GolfCourses.com: Owned and operated along with some friends for two years. (Sold 2006)

Domain names: I’ve acquired, monetized, and sold a few domains at ‘decent’ returns. Domain names like







I have also assisted with the acquisition of other domain gems such as



I’m working to build MO.com into a destination site for entrepreneurs to learn from each other; share what works and what doesn’t; and connect with other entrepreneurs in a mutually beneficial way.

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