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“The benefit of going through an agency is that it gives families assurance that they are picking from a field of qualified, legitimate candidates.”

Lexington Nannies believes in being not only the perfect fit for your child, but for your family. Owned by Brooke Barousse, Lexington Nannies prides itself on offering childcare that protects, encourages, and inspires young minds to grow and thrive in a safe, happy and supportive environment.

Brooke Barousse has built her business almost solely on referrals and is very happy to be partnering with a charity to provide nanny services for moms that are undergoing cancer treatment.

Brooke Barousse, Lexington Nannies - Owner


MO: Why are you so passionate about childcare?

Brooke: I’ve worked in the childcare agency industry for over 10 years in placement. And I see first hand the difference the right guidance and care makes.

MO: Can you tell us more about your plans to assist moms going through cancer treatment?

Brooke: I am partnering up with a charity that helps women without medical insurance get the cancer treatment they need. I know there are so many women out there who don’t have friends or family nearby that can help them, so I want to provide nanny services for the mom so she can at least feel rest assured that her kids are in good hands while she is undergoing treatment. It’s scary enough to have cancer, but to not have anyone to watch your children while you are in the hospital for treatment, is beyond stressful. We want to provide these women with an amazing Lexington Nannies nanny.

MO: I think it’s awesome that you have a website! Why did you think this was an important move when your company relies mostly on referrals?

Brooke: I knew from the start of the company that we would need some online presence. Even though we are a referral based agency, our clients like to read more about our services, see family testimonials, and get to know me in the “about” section. It’s important when someone hears about our service, but forgets to ask their friend for our number, they can hop online and find us.

MO: The problem many nannies have starting out is getting the first client. How do you suggest up and coming caregivers to gain the legitimacy factor?

Brooke: The benefit of going through an agency is that it gives families assurance that they are picking from a field of qualified, legitimate candidates.

MO: For those of our readers who wish they lived close enough to you to use your services but are looking for a nanny in their own city, what can you tell them to help them find the best caregiver for their children?

Brooke: The first thing that they should do is to sit down and make a list of what their needs are. Job duties, hours needed, do they need flexibility for overnights and/or travel. Does their child have special needs? Will the nanny need to administer medication or be trained to handle a certain behavioral issue. Many special needs families should try to look for a nanny with special needs experience if possible.

Another area that I think is super important is to think about your family’s personality. In general, do you prefer to be around people who are more easy going, or do you enjoy someone A-type that has more of a take charge personality. A nanny could be with you for many years to come, so you should choose someone that you can see being with you for many years.

Then they should figure out what their budget is. Nannies throughout the country are making anywhere from $10-30/hour, so the family needs to figure out what they can afford. Nannies with child development backgrounds, college educations and special needs experience tend to charge a little more, so figure out your salary range ahead of time, so you can look for the types of candidates within your budget.

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