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“Are you ready to stop playing victim to the times??”

CMI and Bruce Hodes are the Chicago land experts in corporate team building education and strategic business planning. CMI successfully develops performance oriented work cultures in small companies to mid-sized companies. CMI is dedicated to creating a work environment where vision, planning and commitment dictate implementation.

Around Bruce companies grow and prosper. The focus of his work is developing organizations, work teams, business leaders and executives into powerful performers. He has an MBA from Northwestern University and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work. As a business strategy consultant and a recovering psychotherapist, Bruce brings a diverse blend of skills and education to his work with teams, business leaders and executives.

MO: Can you tell us a little about yourself and what CMI does?

Bruce: I am a business coach and a recovering psychotherapist. CMI typically works with companies who have reached a growth plateau and/or want to engage employees, family businesses experiencing performance conflicts and leadership teams that are not functioning optimally. Our signature services include strategic planning, execution management, and corporate team building. CMI coaches companies so that they confront critical issues in order to grow and develop. We are also excited to announce that I am now actively giving keynote talks and workshops on a variety of topics relating to creating performance oriented organizations. I customize my talks/workshops to the interests each group.

MO: One of CMI’s key services is called Breakthrough Strategic Business Planning. Why should a company have an annual planning process?

Bruce: Having an annual planning process can equated to exercising regularly. If you want a high, long term quality of life you exercise. The same concept goes for planning and companies; if you want long term growth and success you have to be disciplined and consistently planning and guessing. An annual planning process gives the company leadership group a forum from which to solve problems, deal with challenges and turn their envisioned future into reality.

Mo: Why is implementing strategic plans such a big deal?

Bruce: Because you have these day to day fires that get in the way. It is way too easy for the day to day urgencies to take over. That is why you need a process and discipline. Also without implementation the strategic plan is just a good idea and discussion. Implementation is what gives you access to and real results.

MO: You are doing some cutting edge work with your clients around ensuring strategy alignment, execution and implementation –Tell us more about that.

Bruce: We have a system that includes a philosophy, process and software to ensure that all employees are aligned with and contributing to the strategic plan. Our system ensures that employees and managers are engaged with each other around achieving company goals, living the company values and being in constant communication.

MO: What inspired you to write your first book,” Frontline Heroes: Battling the Business Tsunami while Developing Performance Oriented Cultures?” Can you talk a bit about your creative process and who your target audience is?

Bruce: After years of working with small to mid-sized companies I decided I had a contribution to make. The book allowed me to offer my contribution. I joined a writing group and that gave me the discipline and feedback to move it along. Then I hired a company who edited and produce the book. They were invaluable. This book is written for executive’s business owners of small to medium sized companies and divisions within companies.

MO: Another area of CMI’s expertise is family business. What is the most common issue family businesses face and what advice do you offer?

Bruce: The most common business issue is that family business mix up the family system with the business system. The problem is that the two systems have very different rules. It’s sort of like trying to play soccer with the rules of basketball. It just will not work.

MO: Have you had any mentors during the course of your career or anyone that has truly inspired you?

Bruce: Dr. Bob Shaw showed me how to take on big issues, make a difference and enjoy the process of doing that. Helen Haskell showed me that you need to model the behavior that you want from others and that it is critical to have integrity as a leader.

MO: How can business leaders use the reading of books as a catalyst for organizational change?

Bruce: Books read by the leadership group can change the conversation within a company. It can also introduce ideas that will allow the executives to create changes the company

MO: How can people learn more about CMI?

Feel free to call me at 708 476 7970 (cell) or 708 383 7970 (office) or email me at bhodes@cmiteamwork.com.



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