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Carl Nordgren

Carl Nordgren

For America to stay relevant we need to change, we need to grow, we need to get back to our broad based entrepreneurial roots. The need for a creatively entrepreneurial revolution- an up-raising of our own-has  been brewing for years.  Even corporate leadership is calling for this revolution, as is evident by the 1,500 CEO’s surveyed by IBM that found the number one employee trait they valued to successfully navigate an increasing complex world is creativity.

Carl Nordgren, serial entrepreneur, author and Duke University Professor, has been participating in this creatively entrepreneurial revolution for years now and has recently offered it a name: Creative Populism. The Creative Populist revolution is about each and all of us cultivating our ability to be creatively entrepreneurial.

For the CEO, it means breeding a culture where the age-old battle of the creatives vs. the suits comes to an end so that developing creatively entrepreneurial talent throughout the organization becomes priority #1.  For the individual, it means intentionally developing the qualities we all need to identify opportunity and build value and create change from the bottom up.

Carl has been spreading his message through TEDx talks and guest lecturers at universities and businesses throughout the nation, as well as through his book “Welcome to the Creative Populist Revolution” -a guide book for individuals or teams determined to build their creatively entrepreneurial abilities.