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“Anyone who has a dream can make that dream a reality even under the most extreme conditions.”

Charles Van Kessler, Founder - Passion 4 Life Liquid Vitamins

Charles Van Kessler – Founder & Creator of Product
Linda Van Kessler – CEO, Media, PR

Charles Van Kessler is the Founder and Creator of Passion 4 Life Liquid Vitamins and Minerals. He was raised in a state run orphanage in Amsterdam, Holland during World War II, suffered abuse of every kind and survived on a diet of flower bulbs.

In 1964, he came to America suffering the effects of a malnourished mind and body. Charles began studying nutrition and vitamins in the quest to enhance his own body and mind, but became totally disillusioned after spending hundreds of dollars a month on hard vitamin pills with very little health improvement to show for it – and only to find that 10-20% of most vitamin pills are absorbed by the body. He vowed to one day make a liquid vitamin product that would change his own life and subsequently the lives of others.

After working on the product for 10 years, Passion 4 Life was finally born in 2005. Because of its liquid delivery, they have scientific proof that up to 98% of their product is absorbed directly into the bloodstream within 3 minutes after ingestion, revitalizing our hundred-trillion cells in the body.

Charles Van Kessler, Founder - Passion 4 Life Liquid Vitamins

MO: You personify The American Dream of coming to a new country with nothing, only to follow your passion and create not only a successful international business but an incredible charity as well. What lesson has been most important during your amazing journey?

Charles: I came to America with $100 in my pocket and started to work 2 jobs a day as of the 3rd day of my arrival for a total of 16 hours a day 6 days a week. I averaged about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night for the first 6 months because I had no car and always had to take the bus to and from work. The lesson I learned is that anyone who has a dream can make that dream a reality even under the most extreme conditions. Never take NO for an answer, work hard, NEVER give up and give it all you’ve got! Keep your heart free from hate. Fill your life with love. Pray always. And the most important of all, forget about yourself and help others!

MO: Why are liquid vitamins superior to those in pill form? Why do you think that the liquid vitamin market has not been more fully researched and commercialized?

Charles & Linda: Liquid vitamins are superior to pills because of the absorption. Many hard-to-swallow pills only absorb between 10% and 20% according to the Physicians Desk reference. In addition most people have difficulty in swallowing the large pills and end up with heartburn and indigestion. Liquid vitamins absorb up to 98% within 3 minutes after ingestion which can be seen on a live blood analysis video on the Home Page of our website.  Because of the increased absorption, people actually get what they pay for and experience the difference in how they feel.

The liquid supplement market hasn’t been researched and commercialized as much because liquid is far more expensive to manufacture and most of the large companies rely on the substantial profits they make on pills.

MO: What kind of changes in health can an average person expect to see in the months after taking your vitamins and supplements?

Charles & Linda: Passion 4 Life was designed to provide more energy, more stamina throughout the day, better focus and memory, less aches and pains from every day stress and less depression. The powerful and effective formula of 135 high grade ingredients make that happen. Passion 4 Life has no added sugar, no caffeine, no gluten, no wheat, no soy, no dairy and no artificial flavoring or colors. The vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and 74 trace minerals along with other unique key ingredients provide the human body and brain with superior nutrition and definitely slow down the dreaded aging process. Passion 4 Life is designed to dramatically strengthen people’s immune system. A weak immune system is where most of the problems start. It tastes great so even kids love to take it.

MO: Were you surprised when Regis Philbin presented you an unpaid testimonial?

Charles & Linda: Yes, we were honored and shocked! Once we knew that he had to go through a multiple bypass surgery some years ago, we immediately contacted his personal assistant and offered to supply him with free Passion 4 Life in order to strengthen his immune system before and after surgery. He was quite impressed with the results of what Passion 4 Life did for him so he chose to continue taking the product and sent us this unpaid for and unsolicited testimonial. He has been extremely kind and generous to us knowing that we are a small family-owned business.

MO: How important has social media been in getting the word out there about Passion 4 Life?

Charles & Linda: We have been using social media in a greater way through Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. We have been able to get the message out about the difference liquid makes and offer people surprise specials. Over 200 million people take vitamins yet most people walk around tired and depressed. Somewhere there is a disconnect and we try to educate people that they don’t have to feel that way. After all, would you knowingly flush 80 cents out of every dollar down the toilet? It has been documented that the sewer systems are filled with tons of undigested pills, some of them with the name of the product still on them. Our passion is to have people feel better, get healthier and actually get what they pay for.

MO: How meaningful is it for you to see your charity Passion 4 K.I.D.S. making such a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children? It must be deeply rewarding to draw from your traumatic past experiences and turn them into a platform for creating better lives for children on such a large scale.

Charles & Linda: It is absolutely wonderful and so gratifying to our hearts and souls that my wife and I are able to make a difference in the lives of these children, most of them living in bad circumstances – whether it is alcohol, drugs or physical abuse at their home, perhaps not as extreme as my horrific past but even any small part thereof is already too much and should not have to be experienced by any child.

We pray to God that improved circumstances in our own lives will soon permit us to do much more than we presently are able to do. Our hearts truly lie in dealing with the kids. It brings back memories when I worked the garbage dumps in Mexico in 1985 and 1986 where hundreds of little ones (between 1 -6 years old) ravaged the dumps for survival each time a large truck dumped garbage outside the city limits. Not only are they starving but they are homeless, abandoned, lonely, miserable and in many cases very sick. Many of them have no parents and live in cardboard boxes. It was then that God laid upon my heart to spend a large part of my time making a difference for little children. We are very hands on with the children we work with so they know they have someone they can always rely on to be there for them.

I know what it is like to grow up without family support or love. The children we work with most of all need love and attention rather than expensive gifts. We lavish them with hugs, kisses and listening ears so they know how valuable they are and that their futures are as bright as they can dream. And we let them know we want to be part of that future!

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