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This interview was conducted by Gus Wagner of The Rocket Group

Based in St. Louis, MO, Charles D’Angelo serves as a weight-loss coach. He has coached people from all walks of life, from homemakers to teens to teachers to CEOs. Hundreds of people have lost many thousands of pounds under his advisement. Notably, Sen. McCaskill of MO lost 50 pounds, despite a crazy campaign schedule, thanks to D’Angelo.

Charles’ story is one of a kind. He was a bullied, obese teen. After turning his life around and losing 160 pounds at the age of 17, he committed himself to being of service to others, bridging that into a health and fitness empire. His website is http://www.charlesdangelo.com/

Gus: Can you talk about your journey from being a bullied obese teenage to becoming a health and weight loss expert endorsed by the likes of Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, and Richard Simmons? What did your turning point look like?

Charles: I believe much of my success is due to staying on mission and purpose. I believe strongly that God has a mission for each of us to fulfill in our lifetime. I was fortunate that I listened to that inner nudge and took charge of my life at a young age. I was in a situation where many people would have given up hope. But I realized that while I couldn’t control the situation around me, I could take control of myself rather than continuing to spiral out of control.

I made a pact with God that if He would help me to lose weight and look and feel just “normal,” I would commit my life to doing whatever he asked of me, serving others in every way I could. For the last decade I’ve worked to make good on that promise.

Gus: Can you expand of the development process of your 12 Week Personal Weight Loss Coaching Program and what makes it different from what’s already out there?

Charles: As a person who was bullied, ridiculed, teased and tormented as a teen weighing 360 pounds, I was fat for reasons that did not involve a lack of information. I realized that there were gyms at every corner, trainers, nutritionists, dieticians, and diets galore—but something was missing. My program brings what’s missing in everything else out there to the equation. I look at weight loss success as a three legged stool. One leg of course is healthy eating/diet, and there’s plenty of information on that out there, the second is of course exercise, and everyone knows that’s important, but I believe the missing leg and what holds this three legged stool together is what I call “mindset”—the way to disconnect from emotional eating and that vicious defeat whirlpool so many feel stuck in.

Gus: Can you provide a few tips for our readers who would love to start losing weight but are feeling discouraged and lacking in motivation and inspiration?

Charles: Certainly! First off, I’d say consider the 3 R’s. The first being results. To get excited you have to have goals that are compelling. Get a journal and describe the perfect physical and health situation you could dream of being in. What size would you wear? What will you look like? What medications will you be off of? Start there. Second, come up with the REASONS you need to change. Is it to be a better mom or dad or lover? Is it to have more confidence to go after the job you’ve longed for and deserve? Lastly, design the road you’re going to take—what foods are you going to eat consistently and when are you going to do your exercise. Both need to be scheduled such that NOTHING interferes with them. These have to be priorities and in my book I outline an exact food and exercise plan that’s helped people lose anywhere from 20 to 200lbs!

Gus: What was the most challenging aspect of writing your acclaimed book, “Think and Grow Thin: The Revolutionary Diet and Weight-loss System That Will Change Your Life in 88 Days!?”

Charles: It wasn’t. It flowed. I play piano and much like that, when I would sit to type the words poured out of me. I would read it back to myself and ask myself “Where did that come from?” I truly believe God was working through me in authoring this book.

Gus: What advice can you give fellow authors who are reading this about promoting and selling your book?

Charles: Stay on purpose and off of outcome. When you attach yourself to “what am I going to get” rather than “how can I serve” you lose your connection to the Higher Power that ultimately helps bring your wildest dreams to fruition. I am often asked who is my marketer—and I point to the ceiling. I believe when you’re on purspose and in “flow” the right people come at the right times and the right opportunities present themselves. Being open and mindful, looking for these “divine coincidences” is a big part of success in any field in my opinion.

Gus: What can a client expect during their first session with you?

Charles: It really depends on the person I’m seeing. I’m blessed to have coached thousands now so I treat each individual differently. Some may have a very direct experience with me while another may do most of the talking themselves and come to the realization that change is necessary that way.

Gus: Congratulations on getting your own featured segment on CBS, The Doctors. What are you most looking forward to about this experience and what do you hope the average viewer walks away with?

Charles: My mission is to inspire as many people to take charge of their lives and stop buying into the BS that life has to be lived by other people’s rules or their own personal history. You can make your like anyway you want it to be. It’s my hope that my personal story and the stories of those I’ve coached re-awaken that innate spark inside of each of us that life can be lived at your own level! Decide what that is, commit to serving the greater good in your own unique way, being healthy, energetic and strong, and all your dreams can be reality!


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