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“We must retrain our brains to slow down and think about the long term effects of drive thru.”

Chef Tonne: Management Consulting Includes, however not limited too.As institutional food service consultants, we can undertake a myriad of projects.

Set up an In-house Food Service Operation: We organize and operate a in-house program. Every aspect of food service is treated with special emphasis on the specific needs of your facility.

Design the Food Service Facility: We engineer food preparation areas for safety and efficient workflow. Bobsaith Consulting helps its clients create attractive dining facilities for optimal traffic flows and ease of maintenance. We will work with your architect or facilities designer to maximize usefulness and appearance.

Staff Training and Recruitment: We will train your in-house staff, ranging from cooks and managers to clean-up personnel. We will provide guidelines for recruitment, or participate in the recruitment process, if needed.

Equipment Selection: We provide guidance in selecting everything from machinery to flatware. Our familiarity with the market enables us to completely equip a facility while optimizing cost.

Nutritional Guidance and Menu Development: We provide guidance on the nutritional requirements and preferences of children, teenagers, adults, laborers, and office workers. In addition, we can develop menus based on local and cultural preferences and provide recipes as well.

Budgeting and Forecasting: We can prepare budgets for running an in-house operation based on different levels of service. We will set up procedures to control your cost overruns.

Purchasing and Procurement: We will work with you to optimize purchasing by showing you how to buy seasonally or in bulk, and how to identify local suppliers who can fill your needs in terms of price and quality.

Customer Relations: We identify your customer’s needs and desires in your food service facility, including staff performance and attitude. We train your employees and managers in all aspects of customer service.
If it concerns food service, our consulting division stands ready to help, either to set up an entire in-house operation, or just refine some of the fine points.

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BusinessInterviews.com: Your grandmother was also a chef. What lessons did you learn from her that you’ve applied to your business today?

Chef Tonne: Hard work, Tenacity, Grace, she passed away 4 years ago at the age of 90, she once told me “don’t give you until you have too because in the end it ain’t all up to you”. I had the pleasure of watching her take her final breathe for she was in hospice, my mom told me stories of her picking 400 lbs of cotton a day after my grandfather suddenly died and she had 3 children to feed. My brother and I taught her to read when she needed to take her test at Westin Hotels in order for her to move from dishwasher to prep cook. I was thirteen and I could not believe my own grandmother could not read, but she had made it. I have more respect for her than any college instructor, she never allowed us to settle for less, and refuse to allow us to place blame others for our shortcomings.

BusinessInterviews.com: What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

Chef Tonne: 2008 after the economy crashed I was 275000 in debt and paid off debt via Government Contracting within 1 year of beginning my quest for financial freedom. I have found a niche market that has been very rewarding to me financially, it has opened up a world of possibilities. I have become a expert in the area of small business government contracting and my collegeaus now come to me for advice.

BusinessInterviews.com: You’ve been awarded several government contracts. How did you first come across this opportunity and how has it impacted your business?

Chef Tonne: I researched a website and took advice from my brother who worked at Battelle Institute at the time, he informed me that the soldiers would appreciate my healthy catering skills. My #1 client Steve Harvey left Dallas and the only entity I knew with more money than Steve Harvey was the US Government. :), As stated in my bio I had to paradigm shift to federal contracting and leave the comforts of Dallas and reside in Washington DC for a year so that I can sharpen my knowledge of the process. Texas has an economy that is not as dependent on federal contracting due to the prosperous economic climate in the private sector, so my experience in this arena is becoming more appreciated.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s been the the largest hurdle you’ve faced in your profession career and how did you overcome it?

Chef Tonne: Labels, the food industry has evolved into this know it all consumer control market, a person’s opinion can destroy a person’s livelihood with the search on google,or a bad review on yelp. There is no control over a person’s ability to set out and destroy small businesses. Also funding, the most anxiety I had was trying for fund a 175K contract at Ft. Hood, I turned to friends and family specifically my mom to help with the necessary revenues to finance this large contract. I received very little help from the local centre for government contracting or SBA office, trying to navigate thru this monster of an entity.

BusinessInterviews.com: In today’s busy world and long work days, what is your philosophy on preparing healthy foods vs convenience?

Chef Tonne: Healthy foods are so convenient now with pre sliced fruits and veggies, cheese and meats, it nothing to walk in a supermarket and pick up items from the deli, bakery and produce section. We must retrain our brains to slow down and think about the long term effects of drive thru. I think the food industry has stood up and taken notice, with local advocacy groups like the Texas Organic Farmers and Gardners Associate and national chains such as chipotle taken a stand on environmental issues, human treatment of animals and the non GMO movement, the give them anything attitude in fast food is changing.

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