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“It’s vital and so important to me that compassion comes from our every move.”

Chelsea Moser is a dynamic, multi-faceted business woman who is the Founder and CEO of Solamar Marketing Agency and also Co-Founder of Events without Borders. She knows what it takes to build and maintain two successful and profitable businesses—all while passionately cultivating long-lasting relationships in business and in life.

Solamar was founded in 2006 by CEO Chelsea as a creative solution for business owners who wanted marketing and administrative help without the overhead of “in-house” staff. Starting out as an entirely virtual company, Solamar grew rapidly over the next few years and today employs over 20 marketing, tech and administrative professionals from all over the United States.

Chelsea Moser, Solamar Marketing Agency - Founder & CEO

MO: Your tagline for Solamar is ‘Outside the lines of traditional thinking.’ What is unique in your approach and sets you apart from other marketing firms?

Chelsea: Our thought process and the way we do business is very untraditional. We don’t have the typical corporate structure, which makes for a fun environment.. and it works really well. Our people love working for Solamar, the clients enjoy the innovative ideas and the non-corporate nature… so we all have a good time while really getting a lot of great things done.

MO: Tell me about your other company Events Beyond Borders.

Chelsea: I’m a co-founder of, Your Event Without Borders. YEWB works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to make their event more profitable than EVER by using cutting edge technology to reach previously unexplored or unattainable markets in their industry.

MO: You also have a coaching business. What tip will you give our readers for free?

Chelsea: There are a lot of ways to build a great business. But the most important thing is to start with building a solid foundation; great systems and a dedicated team. Everything else will fall into place after that.

MO: You have a lot of impressive testimonials or should I say gushing clients? I was struck by the themes of warmth, intuition, and attentiveness coupled with incredible results. How do you manage to stay so customer focused in such a fast paced environment?

Chelsea: I stay really involved in my client’s life. Even though I no longer manage accounts, I really stay connected with them, support them and make sure they always know we’re here. I also teach this during training of any new member of the team. It’s vital and so important to me that compassion comes from our every move.

MO: You’re a Social Media Director for The Best Day Foundation a charity that helps children with special needs build confidence and self-esteem through safe, fun, adventure activities. How did you get involved in such an inspirational charity?

Chelsea: I knew the co-founder of this charity… and I know I wanted to help in a much bigger way. I also need to remove myself from the day to day business and be involved something for a much greater purpose. I’m so thankful to be a part of such an awesome organization.

MO: What sort of plans do you have for expansion? Is there anything you’re really excited about?

Chelsea: My main goal for what’s to come is to focus on creating a better company – not necessary a bigger one. 2012 brings a lot of new ideas and processes into play. I am appointing a leadership team here at Solamar, which I’m so excited about. We are also focusing energy around products – so stay tuned for some really great widgets in the near future.

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