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”Employers that cannot figure out the “Attraction and Retention Equation” are on a death spiral.“

Founded in 2002, Paige Technologies, LLC is a Kansas City based professional services company focused on information technology talent placement. They have developed a proprietary game changing approach that aligns people, not only for skill, but also for organizational personality compatibility – guaranteeing success.

Successful job placement is much more than a match of skills. In fact, they don’t match; we PAIR. Pairing methodology is used to unite companies with people. Environment and personality equivalents are vital for job satisfaction and career strength.

Statistics show happiness breeds success and it’s proven that happiness is a by-product of pairing individuals with companies the Paige way, for head AND heart. Paige capitalizes on finding top talent and understanding which companies to connect candidates with for synonymous vitality. They call it Co-Destiny.

Paige Technologies

BusinessInterviews.com: How has your experience and background help influence your vision for Paige Technologies?

Chris: Not only have I found myself in more than one bad job, I have actually been fired from a job or two. Professionally speaking – finding yourself on the wrong team in the wrong place is a very deflating experience.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you tell us a bit about your unique approach that aligns people, not only for skill, but also for organizational personality compatibility and what that means for the talent and organizations alike?

Chris: We differentiate ourselves because we are the only search and placement firm that is actively using culture, culture measurement, and candidate motivation to fit candidates to successful roles in motivating organizations. Working through Industrial Psychologies best practices, we are systematically evaluating the cultures of Kansas City’s organizations, their departments, and their specific jobs while simultaneously gathering culture, personality, and judgment data on KC’s elite IT community. To-date, we have an active database with several hundred IT professionals that we can compare to the scores of researched company and department profiles we have giving us the unique ability to proactively predict future success and positively impact the placement success of our clients. This allows us 4 very distinct advantages:

1. We can help candidates understand their motivations, how they present themselves in interviews and on the job, and the likely challenges they will be experiencing when they first take a new role. This is a career counseling / management benefit that we provide as we are trying to up the professionalism and capacities of KC’s IT community.

2. We can consult to our clients concerning their likely culture, the type of employees they will be attracting, and the type of management those employees will need to succeed. We can help them understand what they have which leads into Josh helping those organizations plan for a different future if needed.

3. We can help candidates find a home, not just their next job. We can guarantee that their will be many attractive things about the organization’s culture when they go in and we can help them become more acclimated more quickly, so they feel more productive and the organization feels they are more productive.

4. We can help hiring managers understand the best way to manage an employee — where to spend their energy and where to not waste their time — giving the employee the energy they need from management to survive and giving managers a more streamlined understanding of how to spend their time.

BusinessInterviews.com: After identifying a cultural shift, you worked diligently to redefine the foundation of your business – can you talk about the process of making such serious changes to your business model and any challenges you encountered along the way?

Chris: While the process was not without challenges, ultimately the shift was something that felt right internally to our organization. Our customers were looking for more – more value, more service, better quality. This shift has given us the ability to provide a better service to the candidates and clients we serve. The biggest challenge we have faced is the “What?” factor. As we are really pioneering a new approach here, we have spent a lot of time educating our base on what this process really means and why the extra steps are extremely beneficial. So far, so good.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s a trend in your industry that you’re excited about or think that our reads should be paying attention to?

Chris: Intelligent Pairing. Our piece of the staffing industry is directly correlated to the technology industry, and the tech industry continues to distance it self from all others in many different ways. The knowledge worker of today looks and acts extremely different than the industrial age worker, and the “Golden Watch” era is dead. Employees are looking for a lot more than a job and those employers that cannot figure out the “Attraction and Retention Equation” are on a death spiral. Our focus on Intelligent Pairing helps to solve that equation.

BusinessInterviews.com: Why do you believe that personality and values are just as important as skill when it comes to finding the perfect fit for a potential employee?

Chris: Because given enough time and resources, you competitors can replicate almost everything that you have working for you. They can reverse engineer your process. They can hire away your best people. The only thing that they cannot duplicate is your culture.

Successful organizations understand this and they work on it every day.

Missouri.com: What milestone are you most looking forward to reaching in the next year?

Chris: 100% Perfect Match. We would love to look back on 2014 and say that every one of our placements was a Perfect Match.

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