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Christopher Kingsley

Christopher Kingsley

Christopher Kingsley, Founder & CEO of 42

Christopher Kingsley is the Founder & CEO of 42, a digital agency and software lab that has done interactive marketing work for clients around the world including: Western Union, Cargill, Cessna, AirBP, Smart Chicken, Honeywell and many of the top golf courses and clubs including Caves Valley, Sutton Bay and Classic Club.

Christopher attended Phillips Exeter Academy and studied Management at The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Outside his early entrepreneurial efforts, Christopher worked as an intern at multiple boutique Philadelphia ad agencies and then for Club Med as an animation G.O. in their Cancun village during his college years. After Club Med, he worked at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth in Philadelphia during his junior and senior years at Wharton. After college, Christopher started a virtual tour portal called ROUNDUS in late 2005, growing that company until it was acquired in 2008. After taking on new partners, Christopher ran our previous agency and parent company, Roundscapes, prior to founding 42.

As CEO, Christopher provides the overall vision and direction for the company and strategy for select clients.  His willingness trust people to innovate and take calculated risks has been a core part of the culture as the company has grown from a few people to more than 25 employees.  He remains committed to growing the company in Lincoln and continuing to serve national and international clients.