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“Many of our clients found that inviting hundreds of candidates to respond to a few questions in 10 minutes is significantly quicker than exchanging emails to coordinate a 20-30 minute phone screen.”

Async Interview is a video interviewing tool that allows companies to conduct video interviews by inviting candidates to record unrehearsed responses to questions. Using a webcam, these responses can be recorded at any time by the candidate. The hiring company can review these responses whenever and wherever it’s convenient, allowing recruiters to make better and faster decisions.

Async Interview allows companies to hire the best candidates, and provides a solution to both recruiters and candidates for conducting interviews quickly and efficiently.

Christopher Young, Async Interview - CEO

MO: Not that we are recruiting, but can you tell us about yourself?

Christopher: I am a 24-year old that loves brainstorming new business ideas. Attending LeBow College of Business at Drexel University really sparked my interest for solving problems with innovative solutions. The interview process was something that really interested me having experienced it very early on thanks to Drexel’s co-op program. It was the first inspiration for Async Interview. Aside from Async, I am typically found on the “pitch” playing soccer or more recently, I have returned to Drexel to teach a course.

MO: Async Interview is a fairly new company, how did you get the word out when you began?

Christopher: Fortunately, for our company, my partner, Ehud, Israel, has an executive search business that has allowed us to leverage some of the relationships he has built over the last 15 years. This allowed us to build an initial focus group to make sure our tool was designed to solve the interviewing workflow. After building the tool, we went back to our initial focus group which helped to start a client base. We took a very organic approach initially by direct selling and leveraging connections and referrals. Thank you LinkedIn!

MO: The interview process for hiring can be lengthy, is Async used as a first round tool?

Christopher: Typically we are. Many of our clients found that inviting hundreds of candidates to respond to a few questions in 10 minutes is significantly quicker than exchanging emails to coordinate a 20-30 minute phone screen.

MO: Async seems to eliminate the hassles of scheduling and traveling for both recruiters and candidates. Is this what clients appreciate the most?

Christopher: Certainly, but more broadly it is an overall time saver for everyone involved. Take your recruiter exchanging emails and blocking off schedules to call each candidate, take notes and relay information to hiring managers all to decide who to bring in for a face-to-face. Wouldn’t it be nice if a tool could allow candidates to record when they want and allow hiring managers to view responses in between meetings and travel? Async Interview is that solution!

MO: What are your goals for Async Interview in the coming months?

Christopher: Async is still quite a new company though we have many notable small and large clients. 2012 will be a transition for Async from an organic growth company into a high-growth startup with a major focus on educating the marketplace about video interviewing and the time, travel and cost savings.

MO: On-line job hunting is now the norm. Do you feel that video interviewing is the best technique that can be used to follow this trend?

Christopher: Absolutely! On-line job hunting has allowed organizations small and large to get their name out there whether in New York City or Fremont, Nebraska. Companies are no longer limited to the limitations of their three recruiters. With this transition to borderless recruitment, come two additional problems. What happens to candidates that apply and how do we handle the additional applicants? Companies can’t fly everyone into the office, nor do they want to spend time conducting phone screens with the selected candidates from resumes. Async Interview provides an intermediate step allowing all of the recruiters and hiring managers to see and hear their candidates prior to making the decision to bring them into the office.

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