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“My 5 Ps for success are : Prayer, Passion, Perserverence, Persistence and Presence.”

Diva by Cindy hair products was founded in 2007. Cindy Tawiah , had a deep desire to create a hair product which would help stop hair shedding and breakage after 4 years of operating a Shades of U Hair Salon ( a full service salon), the product was launched.

Cindy had experienced tremendous turnover and questioned the direction of her business. A friend asked Cindy the reason why she had started a business in the beauty business to begin with. That’s when she recalled being taught to make nail polish and lipstick at the age of 16 and always having a deep desire to pursue her passion.

MO: Can you recall your “aha moment” of deciding to launch your business or was it more of a gradual realization?

Cindy: Prior to opening my Salon, I always recall feeling like I didn’t belong. I always knew I was working as a nurse due to parental pressure, never because it was a passion. I looked after people , but was extremely unhappy.

MO: Can you talk a about the process behind developing your hair products and any early challenges that you faced?

Cindy: Because I studied Chemistry and read ingredients on labels, I always tested products on myself and my daughter. When the clients came in to get their hair done we tested the products on their hair and received their feedback. Working with a contract filler with experience also helped a great deal.

MO: What’s one marketing strategy that’s worked really well for you so far? How important has social media been to creating awareness for your brand?

Cindy: The best marketing strategy has been getting behind the brand and sharing the features , benefits and sharing my journey. People want to know who you truly are and what motivates you. Sincerity, passion, honesty, are some of the traits people look for in a product and in a company. If you demonstrate those traits to your target audience, they know they can do business with you. I excel at trade shows, people call me the “Trade show Diva “….

MO: What influenced your decision to expand your product range into the animal sector?

Cindy: I received a lot of feed back over the years from customers who were using our Leave in Detangler on the dogs. I spoke with a few groomers who dealt with matted tangled fur on a consistent basis. I realized there was a need for a natural and holistic detangler and doggie wash for long haired dogs. Doggie Diva was born in March of 2013.

MO: What inspired you to launch the Diva Project: A day of beauty and healing program?

Cindy: Having experienced domestic violence in my early years, I always felt the need to help women, I have always been touched by the plight of homeless and abused women. My husband offered to pick up a group of women who lived in the “ House of Ruth” a transitional housing facility for victims of domestic violence in December, 2004. That was the beginning. WE open the Salon doors and gave approximately 15 women a full day of beauty, pampering and healing.

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

Cindy: Currently, the most exciting thing is “Doggie Diva.” I am excited as where it is going to take us. I dream of opening a Holistic centre for women to heal: mind, body and soul. Who knows the path the journey will take. Yes, life is a journey and you begin your journey when you realize your passion, follow it with your heart and it will lead you to your purpose.


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