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“I feel like the momentum is actually just starting to build. People are talking more and more about the ropes and word of mouth is going to be a crucial component.”

CrossRope was founded in Jacksonville, FL by active duty Navy pilot, Dave Hunt. Dave aimed to create a jump rope that would change the way people think about jump rope training, while fulfilling expectations for high-performance, high quality and innovative exercise equipment. With a goal to specialize in creating the best jump rope for those striving to achieve their own top level of fitness, he created an interchangeable weighted cable jump rope, called CrossRope. CrossRope is an ideal jump rope solution for fitness facilities and individuals that encompasses a wide range of training goals and methods.

CrossRope’s ultimate mission is to provide customers with a jump rope that is customized to their specifications while enhancing their experience with quality workout and instructional content.
For more information about CrossRope, please visit: https://crossrope.com/


BusinessInterviews.com: How did you come up with the idea for CrossRope?

Dave: After graduating from college where I competed as a track and field athlete, I wanted to continue to prioritize fitness. Jumping rope became an ever-increasing part of my training routine. While deployed overseas with the Navy in 2008, I discovered heavy weighted jump ropes and really enjoyed the challenge and full body workout they provided. Unfortunately, I broke all 3 heavy ropes while jumping within 2 weeks. I purchased a dozen different jump ropes over the next few years, but they were either poorly designed or did not meet my full workout needs. It irritated me that the concept of variable resistance, which is standard with most fitness equipment like free weights and machines, had not been practically applied to the jump rope. I thought it would be an interesting idea to apply this concept to jumping rope by having a set of high quality handles that were compatible with interchangeable weights of ropes. It was really a matter of devising a jump rope product that was a solution for my own problems.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you tell us a bit about the process from first having the idea for CrossRope to getting it to market and any challenges that you faced along the way?

Dave: Well, it was definitely not easy. After getting a few books from the library and perusing some websites on this very topic, I was able to lay out a general plan. This included drawing a conceptual design, finding components that I could use to build a prototype, submitting a Provisional Patent application, developing a website, and much more. It really took a lot of time and experimentation to get the prototype put together on my own. I would probably never do a Provisional Patent on my own again, but it was a valuable experience. There were a lot of things that probably could have been facilitated if I had sought professional help, but I wanted to keep costs as low as possible until I could launch the product and see if it would be commercially viable.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s one marketing strategy that’s worked really well for you?

Dave: Well, I’ve had a lot of success working closely with my PR Firm. I think there is a good chemistry and that the product is familiar enough to have broad fitness appeal, yet novel enough to generate interest. Getting great reviews from respected national media publications has been invaluable in building brand and product credibility. In tandem with that I’ve had a lot of success by supporting the product with quality content. I’ve tried to build trust with current and prospective customers by offering free workouts, instructional videos, and more. I had a misconception early on that I had to pretend like CrossRope was a big company and hide behind the website. Now, I realize that was a mistake and it’s much better to interact with customers, show them my authentic passion, and let them know that I really care about fitness, jumping, and their experience with the product.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you share a key insight that you’ve gained when it comes to building a brand?
Dave: Well, I have to laugh a bit because it’s still early enough with CrossRope that I hesitate to say my insight is all that valuable, but I think I have learned a bit just from my small amount of experience. I’d start by saying there are certain professional prerequisites. It’s almost essential to have a solid website. Marketing and promotional materials and images have to look crisp and all the little details have to be consistent with the overall image for your brand. Something as small as poor grammar or a spelling error can lead to an instant loss of credibility. The prerequisites are only the beginning though. I feel that the primary key to building a brand ties back to the customer experience. This starts the second they land on your website or come into your store and continues for as long as they use your product or service. In my instance, I started the company with all the focus solely on the product and have since realized the importance of engaging customers through website resources, workout inserts that come with purchases, social media and news updates, and prompt customer service. All of these work in unison to create a feeling of excitement around new and improved ways to train with a jump rope.

BusinessInterviews.com: What milestone has been most meaningful to you so far?

Dave: We recently completed a product redesign (CrossRope 2.0) that not only brings the consumer an improved product, but also opens up the door for us to seek out growth opportunities that just were not an option with the original system. It took much more time than I had anticipated, but the new product is excellent and I’m confident that it will be a valuable platform for continuing to build the business.

BusinessInterviews.com: How do plan to keep the momentum going?

Dave: I feel like the momentum is actually just starting to build. People are talking more and more about the ropes and word of mouth is going to be a crucial component. Again, with the new manufacturing, we’re going to be able to greatly increase distribution opportunities from here on out and better get the product in front of the customer. The rest of it is about continuing to cultivate my core vision for making multi-weight jump rope training gain more traction in the mainstream fitness community. People know that jumping rope is a good exercise, but a lot don’t know how to do it, don’t know effective ways to incorporate it, or don’t have access to the proper type of rope that suits them best. By continuing to develop instructional methods and content to help beginners learn and enjoy jumping rope and providing fun, engaging workouts for all levels of ability, I’m confident that more and more people will see the value and effectiveness of training with the CrossRope System.

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