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“…I realized I could take a trip anywhere in the world in real time and see places through other peoples experiences.”

Location-based apps are definitely here to stay. Damien Patton, CEO of Banjo App has taken this information and created a wonderfully entertaining and useful app around it. Banjo App helps you discover what you’ve been missing by connecting real people in real time – across social networks. Find the people, places & things that matter most to you.

With one click Banjo shows you the influence and collective intelligence of the community around you. Users can ask a question, make a comment or maybe just take a look around. You decide how you want to reach out to those around you.

MO:  Tell us more specifics about the user-experience with Banjo App.

Damien:We often miss out on opportunities in life without knowing until it’s too late. Banjo is your solution. You no longer have to go to multiple networks to check and see if there’s something interesting happening around you.

MO: What in your background led you to creating Banjo App?

Damien: Banjo evolved from an experience I had – or should I say didn’t have – in the Boston Logan airport. When I returned from Boston, I checked my social network and discovered that a dear friend was not only in the same airport but in the exact same terminal as myself. We hadn’t seen each other in years. I was disappointed. That is when I determined that I wanted to build something right away to avoid missing my friends and family. It quickly became much more than friends or family when I realized I could take a trip anywhere in the world in real time and see places through other peoples experiences.

MO: Where does the name Banjo come from?

Damien: A friend of mine named Banjo. It is fast and unique, just like the Banjo.

MO: Many people are critical of location based apps from a security and safety standpoint. Do users have to notify others where they are when using Banjo?

Damien: When downloading the Banjo app, you aren’t required to sign up for yet another service. You simply connect to your existing social profiles. Even though you are signed in through your social profiles, no additional action is required by you to see what individuals are socially active through the Banjo app. That means no tweeting, no checking in. You are welcome to be an observer on Banjo. People that have Privacy concerns are encouraged to view our Privacy Settings breakdown on the app. We want to help you protect yourself and your information.

MO: What are some cool features we can look forward to using on Banjo App?

Damien: We’re on the verge of launching something huge that is going to take keeping up with your friends to the next level. And we aren’t discriminating against Blackberry users, they will be able to participate in the social discovery service within the next few weeks.

MO: What is the future of Banjo App, or you specifically, will you improve this app, create others?

Damien: Banjo is a user driven service, meaning we respond to the market or by predicting trends we see coming. We like to move extremely fast and have a philosophy of updating all the mobile platforms on a frequent basis to keep users engaged and to discover how the world interacts with certain features.

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