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I believe the majority of businesses that join Holos do so because of the trust level I have established.

Entrepreneur Dave Hockett

This Interview is sponsored by our friends at the Holos Network

Entrepreneurship must run in the Hockett family genes. We interviewed Zach Hockett for iPatchit earlier this year, and now we are happy to interview his father Dave Hockett for a new company in town: The Holos Network. The Holos Network is a deals company with a smart phone app designed to offer users the best deals near them. Users can use the app on their phone or get a physical card in the mail and then get amazing deals when they show it at the different local establishments.

Holos stands out in the coupon industry by offering favoriting and text messaging options. They are also 1/2 the price of local media for the businesses! The Holos Network started in Jeff City and now Dave Hockett along with Randy Minchew are bringing this great business to Columbia. They already have over a dozen local Columbia establishments on board, over and are adding more every single day.

How does the Holos Network stand out in the saturated industry of mobile app coupons?

That’s actually a question that we concern ourselves with every single day. We understand that the world does not need another Facebook or Groupon. And so that’s not what we’ve made. Instead, our App takes a unique approach to deals and incentives:

  1. No printing coupons or showing special barcodes. Subscribers simply launch their Holos app and flash their ‘badge’ to any participating business. That’s it!
  2. Unlike other deal collecting mobile applications, the deals on our network are unique to the Holos Network. We don’t scour the internet looking for any random deal. We have a relationship with every single business on our Network and they are offering this special deal directly to Holos Network members.
  3. Of course our app is also location-aware. That means that you don’t have to go looking for deals if you don’t want to. Just launch the app and you’ll be presented with the hottest, nearest, and newest deals right where you are through our new Dashboard.
  4. Finally, we are closing the communication gap between consumers and businesses. Consumers have the ability to actually “communicate” with the businesses by rating and favoriting. In response, businesses can “communicate” back to the consumer by offering unique / special deals to individual consumers as well as updating and adjusting their deals to meet consumer likes (not to mention text messaging and email updates).

One final note: in order to stay ahead of the curve and continue to push the envelope of location-aware mobile technology, we are currently working on new and exciting features that will take the guesswork out of deal hunting and actually intelligently bring the deals you love and care about right to the palm of your hand.

You have done an amazing job signing up Columba businesses for the app. What do you believe is the key to success in doing this type of business to business sales?

For me personally, Relationships.  Being a business owner for 20 yrs in Como, I have established a large sphere of business relationships.  I believe the majority of businesses that join Holos do so because of the trust level I have established.  They know I’m not here today and gone tomorrow.  Due to that established trust level, I take personal interest in their success with The Holos Network.

Your background includes working for a company specializing in social media. Can you talk to us about how the Holos Network is utilizing social media?

Social Media creates viral explosion for Holos Network.  Not only does the Holos Network promote participation for the client’s deals through the Holos Network Facebook page that has over 2700 fans, but we encourage the client to make us an admin. for their page and we will do posts to their fans regarding the client’s deals.

The Holos Network began in Jefferson City and you and Randy Minchew are bringing it to Columbia. What do you think are some of the advantages of franchising the company out from Jeff City rather than if you had started it from the ground up here in Columbia?

We have a track record to glean from versus starting at ground zero with an “idea.”  If a client is concerned whether their type of business will work in Holos Network, normally there is a similar business in Jeff City that has been onboard with Holos and they can call them if they desire to see what their results have been.

What type of business would be the perfect client for The Holos Network?

Any business that retails a product or service and is desirous for more customers.  There is no other ad medium out there, to my knowledge, that will allow 2-way communication with the business and consumer via “favoriting” which unlocks the potential for emailing and text messaging.

A large key to the future success of The Holos network will be gaining the critical mass of users. Can you tell us about some of the strategies to getting the word out and actually acquiring users?

#1 We have an affiliate program for our clients that have a Facebook page.

#2The Holos card will be used as a Fundraiser within the local public school system.

#3 We are forming  strategic alliances with local companies that have multiple outlets to market the Holos card.

#4  Lastly, all participating businesses will have point-of-sale brochures on their counter for the Holos Network.


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