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“It’s important to listen to what is being said, even if it’s negative publicity.”

Dave is the cofounder and CEO of Likeable Media, one of the 200 fastest growing private companies in the US according to the 2012 INC 500. He is the author of the New York Times best seller Likeable Social Media and Likeable Business, and a highly sought after keynote speaker around the globe.

Dave and his work have been featured on the CBS Early Show, CNBC, ABC World News Tonight, Forbes, Inc. and countless other blogs and publications.

MO: What do you suggest to clients who have received some negative publicity within the social media landscape?

Dave: It’s important to listen to what is being said, even if it’s negative publicity. Only when you know what clients are thinking can you fix the issue. But listening isn’t enough – you need to act upon it and take clients’ feedback seriously, and sincerely apologize to upset clients. You may even have to adjust your product accordingly to your clients’ feedback in order to prevent negative publicity in the future and create a likeable company and product.

MO: What social media trends do you think that our readers should be paying attention to or taking advantage of?

Dave: Social media across mobile platforms has had immense grow this year. It is clear that if it’s not mobile, it’s not worth doing in 2013. As consumers continue to embrace their mobile devices for using social media, marketers must also embrace mobile.

MO: What tips would you pass onto a new business in need of a social media strategy? How can they keep from becoming overwhelmed or unfocused when it comes to a constantly changing social media landscape?

Dave: It’s important to start small and expand step by step. You need to start with your preferred networks and focus on your vision and goals for Facebook and Twitter perhaps and add other social networks such as YouTube and Instagram later. Create a voice – what’s your companies or brands voice? Having a clearly defined and authentic voice is crucial to building a successful social media strategy and presence.

MO: Can you elaborate on how you create likeable experiences for brand communities?

Dave: For me, it’s all about surprise and delight. Whatever you can do – no matter how small or big – to surprise and delight your consumers will create likeable experiences for your brand community. This might be a free giveaway on your 1-year anniversary, a $10 coupon off their next purchase, or a raffle to show appreciation to your audience.

MO: What are some of the key components of creating a successful social ad?

Dave: Native advertising is key. Build your ads around the most successful content you’ve created. Being relevant and authentic is crucial when creating successful social ad. Will your target audience care about your ad? Is it timely? Does it offer them something of value that they need? Also, a call-to-action is a must to make sure that consumers don’t only see the ad but also like your page, or share your post with their friends.

MO: How can a team/entrepreneur stay in the mind-frame of being likeable and authentic during the periods where they’re feeling a bit disillusioned?

Dave: Remind yourself what your vision is and and how to get there. Don’t do a thing while feeling disillusioned, it’ll only bring you down. Instead find your inspiration and use that inspiration to be authentic and likeable.


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