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“Most people want to be healthy, but aren’t always sure what their first step should be.”

Denny Krahe is the owner of DK FitSolutions. DK FitSolutions works with individuals and businesses to inspire them to take control of their health. With businesses, they institute employee wellness programs to help the employees take positive steps toward better health. For individuals, they do mobile personal training, which means they travel to the clients and put them through workouts designed to address specific needs/goals.

DK FitSolutions

BusinessInterviews.com: Why do you think that preventative healthcare is often overlooked?

Denny: Because prevention is always cheaper than a cure! Why do you change the oil in your car at regular intervals? So that the envoy lasts a long time and runs well. And because an oil change is cheaper than replacing the engine! So why don’t we care for our bodies and our health as much as we care for our cars? Eating healthy foods and staying physically active keeps our engines working well and functioning for many years.

BusinessInterviews.com: What inspired you to recently launch a podcast? What tips would you give to someone contemplating launching a podcast of their own?

Denny: Better Health 101 gives me the opportunity to connect with people all over the world and encourage them to take control of their health. Most people want to be healthy, but aren’t always sure what their first step should be. With Better Health 101, I try to break things down into manageable steps so that anyone can start improving their health immediately.
If you’re even thinking at all about starting a podcast, do it! It’s really fun, pretty easy, and is virtually free. The hardest part about podcasting is having the courage to pull the trigger on your first episode, but once you get started it gets easier and you get better at delivering the messages that help you to spread your influence and grow your business.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s one marketing strategy that’s worked well for you so far?

Denny: Creating personal relationships has been huge for me. Most people can smell an marketing/advertising gimmick a mile away, but getting friends and clients to do your advertising for you is much more cost effective and productive. Think about it, if you’re looking for a product or service and someone you know and trust gives you a recommendation, you’re probably going to make that phone call, right? Getting to know people, and earning their trust, has been THE reason I’ve been able to grow my business to the point it is now.

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