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“Do Not Give up. I repeat, Do Not Give Up.”

written by Subject Matter Resource Ilya Bodner

Entrepreneurs listen up! Things will be challenging, the road ahead is long and cold. There will be unexpected surprises both for the good and the bad. Whatever you do, do not give up on your desire to succeed.

Most of the times the issues that are the hardest to overcome involve money. “It’s all about the Benjamin’s”, as they say. Other, non-monetary issues, tend to have a solution; some solutions are more complex than others, but the technical fix can be found. It is with money related issues that entrepreneurs tend to give up their fight for success.

Not giving up is really hard but only those who push through get to brag about their successes as business owners.

Here is what one needs to master in order to weather the storm:

1. Stay consistent – Entrepreneurs have a tendency to completely change things up if they don’t get a good result the first time around. This is not the best approach towards solving any problem. Stay consistent, develop minor adjustments to the approach and monitor the progress.

2. Develop a routine – Almost every successful self made billionaire is known for his or her predictable behavior. Warren Buffett has a routine of eating at the same diner; Donald Trump has the same morning routine. Owners of smaller successful regional businesses always talk about their favorite daily approach. Develop your own and stick to it!

3. Don’t act impulsively – for me this one is the hardest things to do. I tend to get worked up about a new idea and rarely pause to evaluate both sides. A good entrepreneur has enough self discipline to stop and make a decision based on an analysis of the situation.

4. Keep calm and carry on – things are going to hit the fan. Frequently. The world of an entrepreneur is often described as semi-controlled state of chaos. Don’t stop and throw a fit, which rarely does anyone any good.

5. Believe in yourself – Someone will doubt you every step of the way. Sometimes even you will think it is impossible to accomplish what you set out for yourself. Do not give up, believe in yourself.

Ilya Bodner
9 out of 10 things fail…1 success is worth the 9 failures…


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