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“Each and every day we build successes for our clients … We care more so we do more. Inside and out.”

For more than 30 years, Don Farrell has developed and delivered culture-building training programs for his clients. Don and his team at Fresh Revenues assess, design, market, develop, implement and reinforce customized revenue-generating programs that dramatically improve skill sets and cultures to be more sales and service driven. Hotels, banks, government agencies … all business sizes and types around the world are implementing crisp, new profit maximization techniques to open up new revenue sources.

Fresh Revenues is continually improving the client and employee experience in order to drive maximum loyalty and dramatically increase the client’s return on investment. Bottom line: Care more and do more.

Fresh Revenues

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you share how having roots in the hospitality world has shaped your vision and approach to business?

Don: Coming from the hotel world we know that hospitality never sleeps. There is no time to be “down and out” as we’re always facing an opportunity to engage with current and future customers. A guest on the third floor requires more towels and a new client on the phone inquiring on 27 rooms for her Girl Scout troop when they visit our area next month. Plus there’s a walk-in guest looking for accommodations for 6 adults tonight. Sure we sell rooms and space … but to do our jobs right, we need to provide constant care and a stellar experience from top to bottom, in person or on the phone. And we need to do it every day, today and tomorrow.

We are always selling… by promoting our features, listing our benefits and with our level of care. We are programmed to consistently produce high levels of service to create revenues. The hotel business taught us that “time and space” are hard numbers, and that once we sell a space it is gone. But there are lots of rooms and lots of days to fill and having fresh ideas on how to service and sell is where we grew our experience.

We know that relationship building is key to effectively selling/servicing a hotel, food and beverage, contact centers and related industries. Fresh Revenues has been around a while and we practice what we preach. We know that building lifetime relationships with our clients has to be a natural extension of the relationships we build with our staff.
Here’s a fact: 80% of hotel guests who identify themselves as “satisfied” with their stay will shop the competition for their next trip. So now we know. Being satisfied is not good enough. Only when you deliver STELLAR experiences to your guests… on every level with every stay… will they become loyal to you and your brand.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s the biggest risk that you’ve ever taken and how did it turn out?

Don: We interviewed with a client in 1996. They knew of our reputation … helping clients maximize their revenues (we made a ton of money for a lot of people). We uncovered what they needed, how to deliver success and how to reinforce their skills keep their competition in the dust. We assessed, designed and proposed a business plan they accepted. After they said yes, we got to work and, literally overnight, grew our staff from 4 to 44 employees. Then we got to work.
That client was right to partner with us. They achieved their goals as we reinforced their sales and service training. We thankfully doubled our own revenues and I doubt that client ever realized our reputation (true and earned) of caring more and doing more was started on the backs of just 4 people.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you elaborate on how reinforcing culture building training initiatives can help maximize ROI?

Don: When an organization has a true sales and service culture, that means that everyone sells and everyone serves… inside and out…. they serve the team and they serve the clients. Their mission can now fully maximize revenues and profits.

BusinessInterviews.com: What inspired you to partner with NIB (National Institute for the Blind) and pay their folks to help reinforce the training skill sets of your clients? What was the biggest insight that you gained from the experience?

Don: Nearly 70 percent of working age Americans who are blind are not employed. Fresh Revenues had a need for additional staff and we saw a good fit for the folks at NIB. NIB works closely with us in delivering STELLAR service to our clients. They get our mission and they deliver on every level. We’re proud of our affiliation with NIB. It’s a win in every direction. Greatest insight? We found folks just as passionate as we are and it’s a terrific feeling knowing we can help each other succeed.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you share why you’re so excited about Market Segment Diversity?

Don: There are many industries that don’t see the value of, or know how to create, a hospitality-driven culture. That’s bad news for their customers but good news for us if we can reach them. Moving hospitality strategies to non-traditional hospitality fields is helping us grow our universe of STELLAR experiences.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are some revenue opportunities that you often see your clients overlook?

Don: Every business has an opportunity to sell in their own backyard. So we start with low-lying fruit. They’re potential customers within reach and ready to buy. We help create a fruitful and rewarding experience for those buyers and starting here can create immediate revenues for our client. Plus with immediate credibility. Fresh Revenues can further develop short, medium and long term plans for other revenues.

We like to show our clients how they can distance themselves from their competition permanently with things the competition can’t steal or copy very easily. These tactics are often unknown or overlooked. That’s not saying our work is easy or fast. But it does point to our experience in keeping all eyes on every revenue source…. Low, high, local and longterm.

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