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“… what we put out into the world – the energy, positive thought and actions – all comes back to us in kind, and this basic law of karma is what the Karma Foundation is all about.”

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Dylan Marer has been in the event business for over 20 years, producing hundreds of innovative, exclusive and large-scale events throughout the world. Some of his most notable events have been for charity.

As the CEO and Executive Producer of the Karma Foundation, it is his mission to give 100% of his creativity and experience to enhancing all of the Karma Foundation’s extraordinary events and initiatives as it rapidly grows throughout the world.

The Karma Foundation (Karma) is an exclusive membership organization that provides its members with remarkable, upscale lifestyle experiences which enrich their lives, expand their business networks and benefit noble causes. Karma provides its members with powerful business networking opportunities coupled with access to unique events, hospitality, nightlife, gaming, entertainment and luxury lifestyle amenities and services. Karma is built on four main principles: Networking, Revelry, Access and Philanthropy. More information about Karma Foundation can be found online at http://www.TheKarmaFoundation.com

MO: How did you come up with the concept for creating The Karma Foundation? Were there any specific challenges that you faced during the early development stages?

Dylan: I was immediately impressed with the mission, concept and passion. I knew by assembling the right team we would be able to take this foundation to incredible heights.

MO: Why did you decide to use the membership model for The Karma Foundation? What are the criteria for membership?

Dylan: The membership model was chosen as the ideal vehicle for bringing together a powerful group of like-minded people for networking, unique experiences, making lifelong friends and making a difference in the world.

MO: What’s the most unusual or innovative event that you’ve ever hosted?

Dylan: I’d like to say that all of the events we do are innovative, whether it’s chartering a fleet of World War II bombers and fighters for our guests to fly in, or creating a themed event at which guests are transported into a world of fantasy. They are all unique and creative in their own special way.

One that immediately comes to mind however is Kandyland (notice the ‘K’ for Karma). For this event we turn the Playboy Mansion into the ultimate sight and sound experience from beginning to end. More than 50,000 guests apply to attend for 1,500 passes. It can be thought of as ‘Willy Wonka meets Alice in Wonderland’.

We completely transform the mansion, its grounds and pool deck with oversized, UV light-reactive décor, including enormous 10’ lollipops, giant candies, florals, huge mushrooms, cool fuzzy cotton candy columns, and candy cane poles. There are twists that require guests to walk through special vignettes and scenes, for example theatrical performers that make you feel like you are in the set of a movie. There are performers in colorful costumes and latex body paints, and we include a special series of mini shows from the ‘Karma Kandies’ – a troupe of exotic dance ensembles dressed in flavorful costumes (such as colored cellophane outfits which look like candy). The main stage is not only themed, but also includes dramatic theatrical concert lighting, lasers, effects and CO2 blasts. There are also surprise performances with A-list celebrities such as Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Flo Rida, Tiesto, Avicii, Snoop, etc. This event is now in its seventh year and is world renowned for its innovative and playful style.

MO: What are some of the advantages of using The Karma Online Member Lounge?

Dylan: The Karma Member lounge is the place to find all things Karma. Here you can network online with our successful and diverse membership, sign up for social events, access our luxury services, and learn about our worthy causes.

MO: Can you provide some examples of how you promote positive societal change and facilitate good things coming full-circle?

Dylan: We promote a positive change through the act of leading by example. Karma members are affluent business leaders, successful entrepreneurs and taste makers who always network and socialize with a great cause in mind. We party, we network, we socialize and we have a great lifestyle for the right reasons. This includes creating awareness, raising money, and participating in causes that benefit less fortunate people, children, the environment, and medical research. We truly believe that what we put out into the world – the energy, positive thought and actions – all comes back to us in kind, and so this basic law of Karma is what our organization is all about

MO: Can you elaborate on how recently signing an expansion license to begin operations in China as Karma China, will exponentially increase the value of being a member here in the USA? Do you have any other specific plans for expansion?

Dylan: The Karma China expansion will exponentially increase the value of the membership by connecting the two business worlds of East and West into a single, powerful Karma network of like-minded, successful people. It will open up a whole new world of opportunity for every one of our Karma members. This will definitely be the case of the ‘sum of the parts being much greater than the whole’. Karma has further definite plans and continues to seek greater expansion for similar reasons. We want to open up our resources to the top business leaders from around the world, including all major cities in the US, Europe, South America and the Middle East. As we expand, the opportunities and our resources will also grow exponentially.

MO: What is a Karma Roundtable Event?

Dylan: A Karma Roundtable event is a meeting of the members at which we get to learn little about each attending Karma member – their name, their profession, some quick tidbits about their hobbies and passions, what they can offer other members, and what they hope to gain from their membership. The Roundtable name comes from the fact that we start at one side of the room, and go around clockwise, allowing each members to speak about themselves in just two minutes or less. At the end of the event, Karma members then break into a social environment with drinks and hors d’ oeuvres, and begin networking with the members that sparked their interest.


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